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YOU WON"T BELIEVE WHY THIS COP PULLS ME OVER! *Most Ridiculous Ticket In A Lamborghini*

You WON"T BELIEVE WHY He Pulled Over!

Laguna Police Ticket Lamborghini Passenger WE'RE IN TROUBLE

Lamborghini Pulled Over By Oregon State Police





  • dde love the cars

  • Jaime is the wizard of editing

  • Hi

  • 🔥🔥

  • 6:40 You have just stone chipped all those cars

  • 😍

  • 😍

  • 😍

  • 😍

  • 😍

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  • My dream ride lambogini

  • The giveaway is bullshit that’s why I disliked

  • Which mean you guys are also Earning money

  • Maybe you should surprise the mechanic with new car he is really a good dude ❤️ Respect to him

  • LOVE FROM INDIA 🇮🇳❤️🇨🇦

  • Signing in[] 864 to the 562💯💪

  • 👀👍❤✌😎

  • 5:49 😳 Holy Hannah and can I just say it looks SO SICK IN THE STOCK RED WITH THE CARBON N THE NOVARA KIT

  • You guys should get gopros again or start using them. Haven’t seen GoPro action since cali

  • Uhh should ryan have his kid there with whats goin on nowadays or am i trippin

  • am i the only one who doesn't know what happened to the FF camera car? i genuinely wanna know

  • Wish I had that much money to waste on tyres lol , love the car guys ! Awesome stuff

  • The whole style of this vlog Felt like one big commercial very artificial feel to it not a fan go back to the old style

  • Is it just me or does the tire slayer look almost more sinister without the wrap. Wolf in sheep's clothes.

  • You should have checked the FTs by FuelTech, i heard the're the best ones in business

  • You're going to have to stop giving Dave rides or you're going to have to replace the passenger's seat.

  • When the 720 GTR build finishes Mclaren will be jealous

  • DDE go an race dobre brothers

  • Look yes, to you have a money tree in your backyard, but my opinion, why ruin a masterpiece? So all future episodes are about boosting NA masterpieces. Lol.

  • Alex at sheepy race. You killed it again. Alex the power man. Your the best

  • Springs with stock dampers?

  • Go to emela and test the c8 twin turbo

  • Lemon meringue pie and dde videos go well together!

  • STFU about how much every part costs. Seriously, are you trying to elevate and get clicks?

  • Can't wait to see the exhaust system on the McLaren

  • Can we get more reactions from mike Auguste please?!

  • Hi what about the Ferrari FF

  • Why Alex shoi don't have another video?

  • Check out Streetspeed717 for all your Corvette needs!

  • I didn't realize how much I wanted a Tire Slayer

  • I have a special tip too

  • Dont pick me at omaze i am 12

  • So weird, saw this video today and went to August and saw the tire marks in the lot from the tire slayer!😂

  • If I had money I would come here for cars or modifications to install on my car

  • Stop using money as a click bait no one cares what it costs just do it and show us.

  • Repin Alberta with Unobtainium!!👌

  • Since dde been stuck in Canada August been having the most fun.

  • Rolling antilag in a lambo😳

  • Would you buy an Aventador ? Best sounding v12 I think

  • Why did you get cats for the 720 it should’ve been completely straight piped

    • Korey Whitaker even if it’s illegal they have straight piped the f12 ,huracan,12c and g class and driven them across canada,so as i can see the company that made this exhaust does not do straight pipe or as most other factories for legal reasons

    • I think it's illegal to remove your cats in BC and AB. That's probably why he's keeping them.

  • Race on carwow

  • not big mustang guy but fuck that saleen was on fire !!!!!!! super fucken cool car was lowkey better then that lambo !! =)

  • Lamborghini should use your vid n a durability commercial

  • Yawn

  • You guys should enter the One Lap of America next year

  • Damons shirt changed like three times troughout the video, yeah one clip was an old one but he started the video with white shirt ended with grey

  • Hey Damon it's been 2 weeks since your Ferrari build any updates on your car? P.S Dave you need to get a tire Slayer too

  • Steel exhausts sound better than titanium. Note wise.

  • How many rocks and rubber chunks have hit those poor cars sitting at Augusts lot out front???? Lol 😆

  • Damon you need a Gold front tooth 🦷 to go with those exhaust tips 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  • 720 has thee best front end and you guys need a turbo s

  • Just had to put this out there, it’s probably been said aboot a bajillion times but Adrienne is a dam GODESS!!!! She should be on your channel more. JS

  • Damon needs to punch Ryan in the face

  • They need to build a trakhawk

  • What about those classic in the back! Love the 914!

  • Why does rye seem full of himself all the time?

  • So goood. “ did that remind you of collage?” !!😂. Amazing as always. Stay safe my friends. God bless.

  • I could smell that smoke through my phone.

  • This Lambo is insane.... But the fact of the matter is that Hector is going to be running 3 Honda Civics with spoon engines. And on top of that he just came into Harry's and he ordered 3 T66 turbos, with NOS, and a Motec system exhaust.

  • Remind you of college😅😅😅😅😅😅😂😂

  • People don’t forget things so easily.

  • Ive never seen anyone smile that big and grimace so big at the same time. You guys are gonna give Mike a heart attack.

  • Damon plzz let the audience have some drag race between your caes

  • id be a bit pissed with peelouts in front of my business

  • The amount of rubber being slung all over the cars in the lot 😂😂😂

  • What do these guys do to afford all these cars

  • Bring barn find Ferrari and Chris back

  • Damn why aren’t you guys here at (( HOT AUGUST NIGHTS )) in Reno Nevada?? Hmmm must be too cool for you guys huh?

  • Wait until the crazy Democrats win. Youll be losing all of those cars. Reparations

  • Damon shld Get a GT-R in the collection atleast 1 jdm car in the fleet and turn the GT-R into a liberty walk

  • The Lambos look good back to their factory paint

  • The tire slayer looks so much better with the stock paint imo

  • Why don't you make longer videos

  • 5:50 nervously checking the mirror if its tiresmoke or it blew up lol

  • 6:40-6:50 the real DDE

  • Can we get a go pro mounted on the rear wing of the tyre slayer pointing backwards, while ripping on it and laying 11's 😄

  • I can’t wait to see the 720 P1 GTR to be full done that’s going to be sick and can’t wait to see a 720 fully built will do and have to make sure u get the roof scoop too for the extra cold air the novitec ones a sick one but sure u already got that all covered lol

  • Can I have that computer please

  • I love it when you guys take the piss out of billionaire Mike - he is such a straighty 180

  • I love this kind of content. I'm so sick of channels talking about hyper cars. Forget a hyper car we need a daily driver.

  • Wrap the 720s in a black and gold combo wrap. Like if you agree

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Does the taste of rubber remind you of Collage 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • You have to have Mike in every car he has the best reaction 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣