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YOU WON"T BELIEVE WHY THIS COP PULLS ME OVER! *Most Ridiculous Ticket In A Lamborghini* hrdown.info/block/video/j4uwa8eel6aIia8
You WON"T BELIEVE WHY He Pulled Over! hrdown.info/block/video/ynllg9eLas-Olrc
Laguna Police Ticket Lamborghini Passenger WE'RE IN TROUBLE hrdown.info/block/video/1ZKifo9no9qboKs
Lamborghini Pulled Over By Oregon State Police hrdown.info/block/video/o5aKqaqXpd2ofaM
WE TOUR FAST & FURIOUS LOCATIONS IN LA! "TUNA, NO CRUST" hrdown.info/block/video/mYF5opJpgrGJY8k


  • 9:11 that’s how I drive my veneno on fh4

  • Nothing beats SoCal in meets....ever heard of TX2K.........just saying

  • And this is why I want to move to America. East coast though.

  • Respect for grass car.

  • It's safe to say that green 2jZ Supra is most likely the fastest car on this video. If its not it could be. They dominate above all others...

  • That was not a Supra. That was a BMW. Still a nice car, but a true Supra is better.

  • Hey that’s my base! I’m in the Navy and I work there. It wasn’t that crazy, they are harmless, they are probably just acting so hard because they were bored. I promise they were just as excited to see you.

  • loved this vid its was like something out of a movie lol loved it keep this up.

  • Was wondering what the information was on the guy that gets rid of your tickets I got a real good one I don't think he can help me but it's worth a shot

  • yes we want svj on channel

    • yes you need a svj on your channel we will love it

  • 17:27 I gotchu bois

  • Man those road are like in jamaica man I love dde bro

  • Yes they are trained to be ready to shoot

  • Hahahah "Look at this Audi, almost can't see it" lmao

  • I will GLADLY pay to hang out w/ you guy's and just cruise around for a day w/ yous. This is just so damn sick. That view at 9:56 is f'n perfection. God Bless you guy's.

  • Aren’t you allowed to Record the millatry?

  • You all remind me of Gumball Rally and The Cannonball Run Films. Thanks so much 4 the videos. DDE Family!!😎

  • Daves an idiot

  • That literally happend to men. We ordered pizza to pick up but the pizza place was inside the base for some reason so we had to park by the gate while they brought it out.

  • come back F12

  • DDE needs an SVJ 😎😁

  • Anyone else notice the

  • New to the channel i drive a damn v6 dodge charger dressed in dead pool theme and get harrassed Lol im learning allot from this channel on unlawful stops

  • Great cars but nothing got my adrenaline and attention more than the Porsche GT2 RS

  • the car scene in Abu Dhabi/Dubai smokes socal...sorry

  • get the fuck outta malibu

  • They should have a rally at the next Area 51 gathering.

  • DDE Supra looks so good with the black wheels

  • Yes for the SVJ

  • And DDE needs a lime green and black SVJ

  • Damn that car at 6:30 sounded so good love the channel guys keep up the good work and keep the great content coming

  • i am new on this channel and I love it but, come on, stop ignoring GTR`s

  • You sound like a pussy I would not let anyone or anything dictate to me what I am allowed to buy or do. If you want that gray car and your able to buy it just grow some balls and buy what you want. I'm just saying. I wish I was financially able to buy what I wanted to.

  • Another badass meet I’ve never been to. Looks like pch? Just go ahead and message me the good spots I won’t tell nobody.

  • Please get a aventador doesn’t matter which model you just need to get one

  • The very last clip had me dead😂😂😂

  • dude the cobra is sick......

  • Omg I’m now obsessed with watching your videos 😍🏎

  • 14:30 Zip Ties N Bias Plies reference?

  • you ha cool car cars

  • Tell composer to just leave his old rare marcedes with jr garage

  • How do I get rich like this bro seriously. Im a master certified diesel Technician but im tired of turning wrenches everyday. I want to make a leap in my life foreal...

  • Who's James

  • 9:49 Just imagine a sunset😱😍

  • Comment your favorite DDE car mi es the Supra

  • I don’t understand how people can afford these cars like how did you do it

  • dude this channel is so amazing. Gives so many vibes

  • Didnt even know what to call it so calls it classic you funny Damond

  • I really like the color on that really fast covet

  • I like how people in cali and places like that act like driving a couple hours is a big deal lmao. People in the midwest will literally drive like 3 or 4 hours one way because they felt like it (and honestly because that's probably the nearest location of some store they wanted to go to or whatever)

  • So the base Dave and the others went to was Naval Air Station Point Mugu. Its home to the Navy's E-2C/E-2D squadrons on the West Coast. The reaction from the Naval Police Officer is standard as filming and drone use around Naval bases is prohibited.

  • DDE aka Daily Driven Exotics aka Damon & Dave Extravaganza.

  • You're corny as fk but I swear it's so great. Lol Keep it up! You guys are my new favorite and why I'm just finding your channel is a wtf. Lol. Just normal dude. Still damn kids at heart

  • Hell yeah

  • I have a question for all the haters why do y’all leave a dis like why can’t y’all just go watch sum else we know you did not like the vid so just leave you don’t have to leave a dis like

  • That view at 9:39 is literally 5 mins away from me. That 805 to LA stretch is amazing.

  • Wassup crackhead

  • did somthin happen to the perfomonte?

  • Dave should get a newer and louder exhaust

  • I still think the DDE Supra is one of the better looking ones out there.

  • Yo y'all intro is so hype I found myself standing up for no reason

  • Ready to shoot my ass

  • I hate how they blur the speedometer bc they go fast

    • TheZombifiedFairy true

    • Because the cops use it against them as a reason to pull them over even if they are driving reasonably

  • Was that green Audi an rs6???

  • DDE you need to make an appointment to West Coast Customs. Check out what cars do they have their sit in some of your favorite cars including the GT40. it was a little treat my dad and I were able to do what I was a kid and I know for fact that you guys would love it. Damon my dad is smaller than you are he is a bodybuilder he's about six foot he did not fit in the GT40. He didn't even fit in the 2006 GT, so good luck.

  • I came for the cars. Where's the mute button on these clowns?

  • Is this wanker Damon still hanging around? That idiot is just all about noise and acting like a kid with pimples... Dave is only one I like...DDE Fam? DDE Spam? DDE Scam... I would love to have one of these cars but no way I'm driving around with a pack of loud mouthed show - off's...

  • Lmao I like how at the end he just gives up

  • 17:10 😂 “YAWN YAWN MAN YAWN YAWN” 🥱 Or maybe it was Chinese.

  • when damon is with black guys he puts on this front where he uses ‘black dialect”, lol. He’s probably doing it subconsciously, but that still means something. “We twins”, had that been anyone else it would’ve been “were twinning” or something similar. subtle, but definitely noticeable by anyone black.

    • Wasn't noticeable to me... seems like you're just nitpicking

  • My happiness . 😁😁😁

  • where the FUCK u got pulled over


  • If they were not through the checkpoint yet, they can legally film

  • David u did again

  • You should get a factory 5 car they have shelby cobra's or gt-40 style cars and the company SLR makes dope rides too

  • Is it just me or does Dave's supercharger sound like a tyfighter from Star Wars 4:19

  • Alright so where's the police. Why isnt no one else commenting about it. Where time stamp

  • watching that cruise just makes me hate my miserable life even more lol

  • 16:12 thank me later

  • how the fuck 18 year old boys have expensive exotics? how the fuck ? i dont get it this is not normal i may be wrong but .. no... how the fuck

  • the wrap on that car at 1minute is ugly asf in person and the owner is a douche too

  • Why would you drive an exotic car without a license knowing you’re gonna get pulled over and sometimes it being for no reason smh but awesome video tho.

  • 0:41, Now kiss.

  • Why he parked in a handicapped space but look like he can walk ? Smh

  • This is the REAL DDE content😎👍😍

  • 17:27 shawty in the back "I'm like hey, wassup, hello"

  • Why is Dave always last or lost

  • Fun fact Damon LA and Miami Florida are neck and neck in the car culture competition

  • Please bring back the supra i miss it really badly

  • 48 hours until the SEX TAPE release of DDE Dave and Ms. EMILIA!!! Stay tuned

  • Blue Beauties 👎🏻 That dude is so WACK, leave him out of ALL future videos HAPPY BIRTHDAY COMPOSER

  • a killer Cobra followed by a GT, amazing. beautiful weather, no chemtrails!!!

  • 10:45 DJ Khaled is that you?!

  • SVJ SVJ SVJ SVJ love your content DDE sell huracan and murcielago for the SVJ 🇮🇹❤️

  • That was a bit exaggerated by the Military Gate Guards. Ive had them ask about my dashcam and was always asked to turn it off. Never yelled at or threatened... Odd

  • Why does he blur out da speedometer

  • HOW many times did he say Beach...........................

  • Why do they blur like where it shows the speed

  • Yes for svj