Datum objavljivanja: 13. Lip 2020.
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YOU WON"T BELIEVE WHY THIS COP PULLS ME OVER! *Most Ridiculous Ticket In A Lamborghini*
You WON"T BELIEVE WHY He Pulled Over!
Laguna Police Ticket Lamborghini Passenger WE'RE IN TROUBLE
Lamborghini Pulled Over By Oregon State Police


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    • Needs a supercharger

    • Now you guys have a massive problem the amount of heat from the change of exhaust cat back system is going to effect the rear bar paint 100% also the weight as well, less weight on the rear tyres, unless you put some heat proof shielding or get the cat back system ceramic coated or heat coating done its that simple, or you dont care about the over 110,000.000 dollars you just spent, lol:) its like most people they dont think things through when they do updates? Also cutting the rear bars is totaly idiot move, its like lets cut a 1 million dollar cars rear bar, just so you can see the rear exhaust pipes, after a while those pipe will change color and it will not look good at all, lol :) then you have to buy a new rear bar and put that back on and then paint it every so often due to the pint coming off due to the excessive heat from the cat back system and no heat protection like i said, anyway each to their own, lol :)

    • Buy the new 2020 McLaren F1, there's you go the best of the best 2.5 million pounds if you can get one that is, lol :)

    • how about vertical or lambo style door?

    • Now get headers lol

  • Why does it sound like Ferrari?

  • 11:50 Welcome

  • So where do i order one ?

  • My German Heart is bleeding, if I see this kind of „tuning“

  • This sounds way better than a g@y lambo or Ferrari. Cost a lot less and will smoke both of them and outlast.😂😂😂

  • Can't wait for my baby!

  • Jesus watching this video made me dizzy asf

  • life of luxury

  • "something that doesn't scream douchebag"-😐

  • Put twin 90 mm turbos on it and see how it would sound 😁

  • love the vids but every 5 mins theres an ad bro chillllll

  • So it’s basically stock? Sounds the sam lmao

  • So where should I purchase this exhaust?

  • what brand is it?

  • "i love this game" .....level 2.

  • I love this car and your content. Also NEVER been a Vette fan until now. Entered to win Mike's. 🤞

  • Bro don’t compare no over seas car to American Muscle. Should of been smart and waited for a Z06 or ZR1 and really feel the power.

  • They do know they can UNBOLT the whole back valence (the whole lower black part)

  • Could have had an AWE exhaust for 2 k sounds good and makes power!

  • not trying to be a hater... but must be nice to spend more money for the exhaust on a car than I have on all my cars cost added together! I've got new mufflers in my grand marquis trunk but due to my disability I can't put them on myself... so 4 month later and 2 new mufflers still in the trunk! Oh and the car keeps falling apart due to not having the cash to keep up with everything... I love my 20 year old car but I hate not having money to keep her on the road... enjoy your life with all the money i'll never have.... I found that nice cars are just something else god put here to punish me, like so many things my crippled back keeps me from.... I wish I could just be happy being so miserable, then I wouldn't want to cry watching car videos.

  • Please stop yelling.

  • BBE The Bold Beautiful Exhaust boom💥!

  • What happened to the camera car ?

  • Beautiful exhaust that sounds as good as it looks. However, the car was surely engineered with the weight of the exhaust in mind with regards to traction. I imagine there is a noticeable difference now...

  • Next mod butterfly door

  • Sounds good.

  • Worst video ever

  • You guys are awesome

  • Holy shit those front brakes are small..

  • get the atson martian

  • I thought the C8 would sound like an obnoxiously loud Mustang

  • Nice to see the square pipes gone🙏🏻

  • It’s a waste of time to have that “X” in the exhaust like that. The only way an “X” pipe has any effect if it is completely engineered at the exact point in the exhaust Otherwise they only hurt the exhaust flow and help it.

  • Try playing mobile legends

  • Take the cats off!!!

  • That car don’t look right😂

  • This video is the epitome of a "HRdown video".

  • I thought you guys supposed to be driving exotic cars? And then you guys talk 🤬 about the Gtr and it cost more than a c8 🤔

  • Pleased add Lamborghini doors to the vette!!!!! You know you want to.

  • Exposing the exhaust was perhaps the dumbest and tackiest decision I’ve ever seen someone make.


  • If it was straighpiped it would sound just like an AMG GT

  • Twin turbo c8?

  • Still the best sounding c8 on HRdown to me 👍🏽

  • The video camera chops is giving me a headache I can't watch

  • Who made the cat back?

  • Damon! Your Vlogger hands! Noooo

  • add me name in the game Azzam Habib i love your channel

  • Like the vids buh everytime I watch i wish I could afford these thangs lol

  • $500 dollars worth of material

  • Can y'all make the doors go up on the C8,, then it will be complete 💯💯💯👍👍👍

  • That's how should a mid-engined sports car comes from the factory

  • The c8 needs a pair of new rims

  • The MSRP of the full titanium Akrapovic exhaust on my motorcycle is over 10% of the MSRP of the whole bike new... It's crazy but I've seen crazier. Hell, the full Akra for a $20k Streetfighter V4 is 25% of the bike's MSRP.

  • I found this channel while watching "The Fullerton Informer" and "Wiki Joe" channel. It fells really good to support other channels

  • I found this channel while watching "The Fullerton Informer" and "Wiki Joe" channel. It fells really good to support other channels

  • I found this channel while watching "The Fullerton Informer" and "Wiki Joe" channel. It fells really good to support other channels

  • I found this channel while watching "The Fullerton Informer" and "Wiki Joe" channel. It fells really good to support other channels

  • No exhaust system is worth 10k, and for that reason, I'm out.

  • @8:42 isn't that the same guy from the meme about people looking at a car guy as an idiot but the car guy just having fun and enjoying his car?

  • 60K car with 10K exhaust. Ok.

  • very nice

  • definitely not the first, sorry charlie.

  • Why is this grown ass man making videos in the same fashion as a 16 year old's make-up tutorial channel? Jump cuts, cringey enthusiasm, over-the-top excitement about everything, etc. I expect more from the Corvete Forum, but then again, it consistently disappoints.

  • Get some more carbon part put onto the C8 and tune it, also put lights 💡 underneath the car. That will make it look sick, more like something from the Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift Movie.

  • The perfect C8 video I wanted to watch!!!

  • corvette is shithouse

  • This thing needs a custom spoiler

  • I think the c8 needs a dde wrap to finish it off

  • change the rims, they awfull

  • Hahahaha the license plate says CLKBAIT😂🤣😂

  • I feel like these guys editors are on Adderall, but who isn’t in this video.

  • Let me get the C8, you look goofy as fuck driving it any way 😂

  • Sheepy has entered the chat

  • I wish my hands didn’t have to get dirty I’m a construction worker that’s how I make money I should start a HRdown channel 2 and stop watching yours so don’t disrespect people they have to work hard

  • douche bags. outy.

  • Kriessieg F1 😈🏪

  • What's next on theC8 build. My recommendation is body mods and definatly more power?

  • What about the stock CATS? Did you remove or replace them? Stock cats are the biggest restrictions.

  • Damon your c8 defo needs the headers Emilia just got for hers sounds unreal high pitch f1 style

  • Dammn that sounds badass brotha

  • For all the Canadians wondering why BC guys have their cars registered in Alberta. They do it because alberta’s car restrictions aren’t as tight as they are in BC. The most you can get in BC with an Alberta plate is a speeding ticket. If you know you know! Lmfao.

  • That is badass🤘


  • Wrap the c8 matte black with a matte grey dde logo

  • sounds really good, looks horrible

  • Kind of ironic that two raging douchebags are searching for a car that doesn’t make them look like douchebags.

  • Needs Carbon fiber wheels

  • Sounds ok.. nothing special

  • Do you know that in the C8 you can hold the two padle shifter at the same time and give gas to Roll launch or juste rev 🚗❤️

  • I know everyone has said it a thousand times but I really am enjoying the Canadian content. Matt August seems like such a chill guy especially with all the content they shoot there. I will definitely go out of my way to get a car from August Luxury Motorcars when I hit that midlife crisis.

  • saw a 540c here in NZ. the fella driving it even gave my little brother a ride... real nice guy

  • Yeah that sounds pretty ok I guess

  • I’m just gonna wait for one day they come back with a koenisegg 1:1

  • If you call your self a coward at fighting that means you will use a gun

  • Supercharge it next that way you can use the same exhaust


  • Right at the end rev, now that's a true flat plane crank sound.

  • 9:05 Damon: DDE MERCH!!! Subtitles: DeeDee Mertz