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YOU WON"T BELIEVE WHY THIS COP PULLS ME OVER! *Most Ridiculous Ticket In A Lamborghini*
You WON"T BELIEVE WHY He Pulled Over!
Laguna Police Ticket Lamborghini Passenger WE'RE IN TROUBLE
Lamborghini Pulled Over By Oregon State Police


  • Bruh you don't even need insurance to drive in india if you do not have insurance and police pull you over.... Bribes

  • Socialism at it's finest 😏

  • Move to the US

  • What if you moved one of your business to the states. Then have it covered there. Since you guys always go to The states just drive it there and do the videos with it there. Just a thought. Great videos guys. Love watching them.

  • Bummer about P1... Get rid of it it won't matter to me.... There's a lot more to your channel than the P1.

  • Bro I wish you or me or both of us could afford a DEVEL 16, 5,007 Horsepower Dubai built 2.2 Million U.S.D. 12.3 Liter V-16 Quad Turbo.. although it is an unproven (to my knowledge as of a couple of months ago) top speed.. I am guessing they aim for this vehicle if that is what we will be calling it to range in the 500 km area.. now that has a lot of ifs that go with it.. if the rubber is right, track conditions etc etc etc.. still we need an Insane (literally) Pilot aka driver.. now Mason gets his props but I personally feel that Ken Block is the Living God Father Of Anything With Wheels. Im sure everyone has their own ideas about that and please feel free to voice your replies to this comment. I will research anyone you can bring my attention to and I will appreciate the subject material to research as that is my thing. Ken Block is the drift guy.. So whats everyones opinion on the straight shot guy since we obviously would have to send them down an airport strip with no turns to max out a DEVEL 16 if it can be maxed out before leaving the surface of the earth (and I mean literally).. whats up People? Who do you think could be the test dummy??

  • Confession. I apologize for the way I was ranting on the video about the Kia Sol. I had good intentions and got side tracked by my own worries about my surviving child. I had two daughters and now I have one. I just dont want you to go through losing one of yours like I did bro. I hope this explains my behavior and I do apologize. Your a good man and I know ya love your kids too man. I am sorry. Carry on, Great content and I am subscribed and looking to purchase DDE Merch and such. Peace. p.s. Tried to find the video this morning so I could apologize in front of that crowd.. unsuccessful as of yet but I will formally apologize in front of them when I do find it..

  • We all got bills, homies nobody should be hatin!! Did y’all roll threw Oregon last month?

  • ICBC needs to go. We need insurance options like Alberta. Competition is a good thing.

  • 37,000$ a month for the car without insurance 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • If the Corporation owns the car there is no need for insurance. Wreck the car, shut down the corporation, walk away.

  • The guy who swapped one to maual before is: PeterBjorck

  • stradman pays 300/mth for a bugatti, gotta love US insurance...

  • Canada has some pretty fucked rules huh

  • Please just get a 991.2 GT3RS with the manual transmission!

  • Ugh I hate icbc

  • DDE is having way too much fun with the Manscape ads 😂

  • Seriously. Why not move your company to Montana? Everything about it would probably be cheaper, and easier. You actually do most of your filming in the states under normal circumstances, so it should be a smooth transition. Might be worth looking into for the exotics, and still keep a couple regular cars in Canada, under a sister company located up there.

  • The 720 looks far better anyways.

  • Move to America

  • Canada’s insurance laws seem like robbery to me.

  • 3:50 lmao

  • That was the gayest thing I have ever seen

  • 1:21 I live in Sweden and I was just thinking about my country (sounds weird) and then he said sweden, it’s always like this! Idk how tf it works but it does

  • I must say, I liked you guys better with the Huracan and ferrari. Anyhoo! There is no reason to keep the hypercar. Just an opinion.

  • This is just excuses... like imagine being able to buy a p1 and not being able to set up an American llc for 1000 bucks.... or any of the other 10 ways I can see it working. They planned this...

  • Sell the P1, it's awesome to have a hypercar but it doesn't suit "Daily Driven".... get more awesome cars... GT2RS, Porsche taycan Turbo S, 675LT, a SHERP(extreme offroader, beats about everything and no big youtubers has one)... new RS6? Tesla Model 3 Performance and turn it into a drift machine? Just spitting ideas... lots more fun can be had imo without P1 pain in the ass...

  • Sell it too much aggravation


  • Wouldn't you sort insurance before you buy it, it's normally manditory if money is owed on a vehicle

  • Please get Lanzante to concert your P1 into a P1 GTR or LM and take it to track days and show everyone up 😈

  • Move to the US

  • Get the red Svj & the 765LT

  • Goals asf

  • Ayyyyyyy

  • No rlly to b private to v3

    • I swear on my Anti sometimes if you don’t think the 11 won’t come and find you jJ

  • Nice place to visit but.......

  • So how much would the insurance be if the P1 was insured as a personal and not commercial ?

  • you could easily make the best manscaped commercial!

  • looks like you didnt get your reVVenge after all. porker laughing it away

  • Just move to cali

  • Idk man ive watched dde since he had the 458 and never became to like Dave

  • Ball deodorant.. life saver

  • I loved this vid... just two good dudes being 💯 real about business and the ways things work

  • Sell it and get a Porsche GT2 RS Please a PORSCHE for once!

  • Move to the US. Chicago has its issues but the landscape and car people are awesome.

  • Go and look at the Ferrari sf90

  • Dump it!!!

  • sickobamba

  • Trade-in get 4 cars to play with sim like the best idea

  • Seems like it could be cheaper to lease a commercial space in Montana and start a business there to own/insure it than to pay the insurance on it in Canada. I had no idea insuring a car like that cost that much money. Bonkers. I also can't believe the payment on that car is $37,000/month?!

  • Holly shit i insure 5 vehicles full coverage 250 deductible for 300 a month lol 😂

  • Move to the U.S.

  • "you know we're not rich i just moved into a bigass house in kelowna, bought a p1, f12 and 2 lambos" 😂 starting to sound like god damn mothafkn salomondrin

  • Become American citizens come to Orange County

  • More money more problems😂😎🤪🤣

  • Yes. Move to Montana!

  • Dude... building Pi content was a nice dream & had nice intentions, but honestly... it's time to trade in the P1. That's what keeps me coming back to your channel, is your honesty & content... & the ROI on that one car might affect your overall quality content. Perhaps one day, I'll find my niche' in which at least a C8 won't just be a "dream car", but a reality. In any event, i watch at least 2 hours of your videos each weekend as it helps clear my head for the upcoming week. Watching DDE is almost like binge watching a favorite TV show each week, so keep up the good work. ... and I look forward to what's next.

  • I dont understand why they do t move to the US

  • Come to Utah I’ll help you buy a house here

  • Chirs is

  • All jokes aside, they never bought the P1, they only click bated everyone, and to steal the limelight from Stradman.

  • ICBC is British Columbia's worst problem by far, I too am in British Columbia and if I had any other choice I would take it. Alberta insurance requires you to have a Alberta residence if its not business use, and the second you start driving your Alberta plated car around in British Columbia the RCMP will be hounding you about where you live, what drivers license you have, and why you don't have British Columbia plates, and they can request you get British Columbia plates if they suspect you live in British Columbia. Also if you do insure your vehicle in Alberta, once you try to insure it again in British Columbia it requires to first pass a full inspection.


  • Im using that jack me off joke for the rest of my life whenever i see a jack

  • insurane in BC is just a pain in the ass! most of my friends can't afford the insurance so we have to do everything with the bus. it's just terrible how expensive it is. it's probably the worst insurane system i know in the world...

  • Sorry things didn't work out for the P1... But I think ul all come out on top with replacing the P1 with 4 sick cars

  • Knew you couldn't afford it! 🤣🤣🤣

  • You guys really have to move to the states permanently

  • get rid of the P1 for some other cars and go crazy with them

  • P1 can be HQ'd here in Wisconsin, 15 minutes from small airport =) Kuddos on transparency, life is not all skittles and rainbows, and good to see how you work through things. Keep your head up and keep it rolling. Congrats on the homestead BTW

  • They never bought a P1. Clickbail as always..

    • another person saying truth. P1 was owned by sr auro group. also, i doubt he will get 4 cars.

    • You would insure it as you bought it as it's manditory if money is owed on it, insurance last does not make sense

  • Allstate is amazingly cheap here in Ontario Canada guys

  • I don’t know if you can but try and insure it under the Saskatchewan the insurance here is way cheaper please let me know what they say if you do decide to insure it through Saskatchewan

  • The manual/gated converted Lamborghini must be the one belonging to Peter Bjorck . :)

  • ICBC is an absolute joke that is unacceptable. I live in Vancouver too and they have been nothing but a headache and a pain to deal with.

  • The dude with 8 super cars is asking me for cash Via buying merchandise 🙄🙄 If only they knew some millionaires with super cars or something 😕

  • get the FORD GT for Dave and get the GT2 RS and two other cars

  • On another note, have y’all looked into a “blanket policy” I watched a video where Manny Khoshbin mentioned it and I thought it was a good idea. And y’all should move to Washington and register the business in the US 😂.

  • Soo much for trying to pull a fast one on stradman👻😂

  • Honestly I went through the same thing. I got a 2020 Mercedes and I got my insurance quote of $500/month on top of the $500 payment. (Ik this is nothing compared to u guys but I’m 19 so that’s quite a bit 😂) but what I learned was get a quote prior to buying the car.

  • Lots of people that don’t live in Montana set up LLC’s in Montana. can you not do the same? Go buy a small, cheap piece of commercial property in Montana.

  • Pay for medical insurance or pay high @$$ premiums else where??? Uhm I’ll stick to medical insurance

  • Take the P1 put it in a barn. Leave it for 50 years. Come back years later. Then sell it as a barn find for 10x as much. Otherwise just a paperweight

  • sounds illegal, monopoly on insurance. hrm....

  • Sounds like we’re getting DDE Montana coming soon! Get around those taxes and get those cars registered on the road! (Edit haha Matt august saw the plan too)


  • Come to the states 💪

  • move to Montana Damon

  • Can you make a corporation just for that car, but base the corporation out of the states..Use one of your friends address who live in the states. Then you should be able to insure it with a company based in the USA..Just a quick thought good luck..

  • Sell the P1 and get a car for all different categories of people's liking. You guys have tons of italian and british cars maybe you can get a Japanese JDM or Anmerican Muscle, the most badass electric car, or even buy a nice truck modd it out and off road it.

  • Canada dies some weird shit not all of canada but one insurance for cars then like Quebec or whatever in Canada controls all the maple syrup have to sell it to them weird shit

  • As indicated, form a US based corporation, s-corp, and an LLC. Have the LLC lease the P1 to the s-corp. 1. You will be able to insure the P1. 2. If anyone decides to hit/sue/ the s-corp- it owns no assets. 3. It will be far cheaper to insure even with the cost to structure LLC and s-corp.

  • move your company to the states

  • Sell it!! What the update on the H1?

  • SELL IT👋🖐👋🖐✌🖐

  • Imagine backed in 2001 and seeing a video with no age restriction talking about taking care of your balls. Times have changed lmao remember when movies couldn't show a female belly button 🤣

  • Sell it and move on!

  • Why not make a shell Corp in Montana and register it there? Not sure possible.

  • Gov. Insurance has to suck. Love the channel sad to not see the p1 but not gonna stop watching!