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YOU WON"T BELIEVE WHY THIS COP PULLS ME OVER! *Most Ridiculous Ticket In A Lamborghini*
You WON"T BELIEVE WHY He Pulled Over!
Laguna Police Ticket Lamborghini Passenger WE'RE IN TROUBLE
Lamborghini Pulled Over By Oregon State Police


  • 16:19 she's willing to give up the husband and the kid lol 😂

  • Yeah, first drive in sport+ and flooring it in the rain. Sport+ turns all safety off. It is for on a circuit.

  • Her g wagon looks so good I really like it

  • Yes Get it!

  • What a luck family god bless you

  • She’s hot, let her have it

  • Presley has grown up so much since I started watching 4+ years ago!!!

  • 6:04 Idk Damon, I wouldn't cut into an F8 quite yet, otherwise buy a wrecked one (if there is one yet) and modify it because I think a widebody 488 would look cool

  • anyone else notice the coke residue on the black card?!

  • Can you accidentally surprise me with A Camaro ZL1 I don’t just love it I adore it .. u don’t know me but I do ^___* ur channel is great I’m sure millions have told u that

  • I have the same lights in my 2009 ford escape lol

  • 10:11 what a parent hahaha

  • Congrats for getting it with what you enjoy doing!

  • No way it's worth 250k!

  • Man bro! I am reale fan of MB G class jeeps, g350 or g55 AMG. I just love MB

  • You better have made her sign dat prenup

  • I've only been watching somewhat consistently for the last year or so... I thought you already lived up there. lol. Had me thinking about getting up there myself.

  • Presume you have no money??? I'd fix her teeth.

  • Mustard and Ketchup the new names for Dave and Damon lol

  • Missing the dde intro song

  • It needs the fi exhaust

  • wow, the views.

  • Did you guys go through Revelstoke because I went through those same tunnels and I saw you guys in the way back home

  • Jamie killin it man!

  • That has to be the ugliest brick I have ever seen.

  • 9:32 got me 😂😂🤣😂🤣

  • Feel sorry for the family not being on a trip in one car. Could've been waaaaay better.

  • I laughed when I kept seeing the speed blurred out on the highway :) I miss driving from Van to Kelowna

  • That's almost my exact same car! My is blacked out with satin grey! I love it. P.S: I think I saw your car (lambo) in LA parked in Hollywood around March?

  • Yes she should get a 2020 G63 AMG

  • @10:14 Best part 😂

  • Coming to America!? Yayyyy haha

  • 26,4 L/100km. Damn she is thirtsy! 12:00

  • I found this channel when i was watching "The Fullerton Informer" and "Wiki Joe". Great suggestions about the new 5G network. Thanks

  • yes she should

  • Bravo👏👏

  • Adorable blog

  • ultimate soccer mom vehicle

  • Mrs DDE what about urus

  • Damon dude! Mic 101, don't chew gum. Love the new flying brick though.

  • everyone talking about lambos I'm laughing in Corvette, Zo6, 750 hp twin turbo. ZR1 950-1000hp AWD Hybrid. just wait on it. Not much is fuggin with a Vette Lambos are played out.

  • yes a F8 is a great idea

  • someone getting laid tonight

  •'re not're telling the truth. From a guy that daily drives Lambos and Ferraris...your opinion is legitimate and holds a lot of weight. The C8 is what you say it is.

  • She’d be a little baddie if she put some meat on her bones

  • skip thef8 and get the sf90

  • Why are you so basic? Your channel content has been the same since the start? Goonzsquad works more then you and changes there content up, keeps it interesting. I know your big headed and easily butt hurt so I'm sorry I'm justing getting bored of the same content

  • If you go on vacation in denmark you have a place to stay for free in my house It is close to Nyborg. I love your energy and my house is your house

  • Give me the kid lets do this! 😂🤣 so Nice humor!

  • Yes yes yes the F8 👌

  • Next mod for the G Wagon is to black out all that chrome.

  • I would of gone for a SQ7 🤷🏼‍♂️ but not my car 😂

  • Click Bait POS !!!!

  • man i would get 1 classic car tho like a muscle car 68ish just to ball lol

  • F8 Tributo!!!!

  • You and your family deserve it 100%, keep it up!

  • One of 50 in world... Blah blah blah... One of 50 in yellow, they made manyyy of that car just each color was limited to certain locations.

  • ferrari F8 is gorgeous would be one hell of a car to get

  • dave for the win!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao

  • trackhawk

  • Ferrari SF90Stradale would be great.

  • Maybe I missed it. But can you do a roadtrip in Canada from west to east?

  • The G Wagon is the worst driving SUV I've driven.

  • You know you have to get the 2020 for her

  • It's the G-Rover

  • The c8 is also way cheaper. And they are gonna be putting out a 1000hp AWD hybrid with flat plane v8 turbo power in back, electric motors running front wheels. It’s been confirmed.

  • Range Rovers are better than the Commie lunchbox Mercedes! 😂

  • Change of car after 6 months?

  • 'Brand New', done 14000km lmao

  • Sweet Ride....

  • I could imagine dave having kids I do believe you would be a great dad I can see it especially him being a funny guy I would say similar to what I would do you'd be a goood dad Dave Crockett

  • Funniest daily driven exotics video ever made me laugh more times than ever before it’s hilarious

  • Poor guy @8:50 ! Poor guy " another time he gets my personal car i hate it "

  • Ferrari F8 is the furia (if you play gta y/know what im saying)

  • True dream car is something that you dream about whole life...its probably not 2020 car....

  • Old G had a solid axle suspension, better for off-roading and adding lift kits but not as comfortable when it comes to absorbing shock. Solid axle is cheaper and more reliable tho. New G has independent front suspension, not as good for off-roading but better for absorbing shock because both front suspensions moves independently of each other. Ifs is less reliable and more expensive to repair but ride comfort is better.

  • Dave needs to buy a gt500 to put down the c8

  • she loves the G-wagen

  • Pls get a 720s

  • rip dde

  • This whole episode is "goals".

  • *GET THE F8 its sooooo damn gorgeous and fast as hell too*

  • Damon: Gimme the keys (On Ace spade rally) When Damon is drunk Damon: GIMME THE KEYS

  • I still remember damon's wide body Ferrari that he crashed

  • Get the f8!!!!

  • Accountants: stop buying cars Damon:

  • Where is the integra?

  • My dad has a wide body f8

  • Get a f8 they are amazing so modifyable

  • Get an hq in Surrey

  • These guys always stealing Matt car's 😂

  • Love Dave's old Lamborghini

  • yes f8 plz

  • 488 please let us decide

  • came to south Africa when covid 19

  • What’s the song whenever they take the 2020 out? Anybody!

  • yes f8 please

  • Bruh lol someone tell me why the gallardo looks like a Tesla truck from the side but with a wing 😂

  • 10:11 - "Dave's gonna babysit you for 5 minutes". - "It's okay he's a parent!"

  • Damon you should get a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG plzzzzz 😭😭😭😭😍