Datum objavljivanja: 25. Lip 2020.
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YOU WON"T BELIEVE WHY THIS COP PULLS ME OVER! *Most Ridiculous Ticket In A Lamborghini*
You WON"T BELIEVE WHY He Pulled Over!
Laguna Police Ticket Lamborghini Passenger WE'RE IN TROUBLE
Lamborghini Pulled Over By Oregon State Police


  • Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: ✅ PC: and get a special starter pack 💥Available only for the next 30 days

    • a big joke to people gonna download it, they ain’t even playing the game

    • Sold yet ?

    • Sell your car on Doug Demuros auto auction site Cars and Bids. Support other automotive HRdownrs.

    • STRADMAN and DDE needs to colab

    • What happened to the donut shop?

  • You could buy a MP4-12C for $120k CAD without the upgrades right now.

  • The new owner lives close to me!

  • I am going to go take a few pictures of that same McLaren today with the new owner!

  • Just saw the DDE MC12 at a lil car meet in Everett Wa.. Surprising to see it after watching all the vids of it, crazy...

  • Demon should buy it for his daughter Mia

  • C8 will look insane in chrome gold wrap 😍😍

  • 2 bros chillin in a mclaren 2 inches apart to get COVID 19

  • Upgrade the ads. Aim higher

  • If I ever buy a Lamborghini can I run with you guys? But i will be honest I probably never own one.

  • I think the mercy is y'all nest car never get tlrid of that that is my dream car mercy gated shifter damn amazing best car ever made

  • Hey man how did you achieve your success and get to live the life you are? I’m in recovery and trying to find my purpose. I’ve always worked hard but don’t know how to monetize or grow what I love into something that I feeel fortunate to be surrounded by on a daily basis....aka daily driven exoctics. Maybe youlll reply maybe not either way I appreciate it if you do. Thanks man!

  • Wtf happend to the type r

  • Please get a p1

  • Do the gold wrap. Like this so Damon sees it.

  • I found this channel when i was watching "The Fullerton Informer" and "Wiki Joe". Great suggestions about the new 5G network. Thanks

  • So this still there🤯

  • If someone spots me the down payment and pays for my living situation gas and insurance I can make the payments at 84 months bi weekly. You get the car on weekends and every other holiday lol! . One day I will own a car like that. Lol. It'll be bittersweet.

  • EDIT: Do not vote for Dems lol

  • 13:34

  • god somehow please get me $200,000

  • Hi DDE I found your mclaren on auto trader $169’900

  • You just said a few episodes ago that you weren’t selling the MP4-12C and you literally just put that exhaust and carbon bits and wheels on it... wtf?! 🤯 (that car is SICK, biggest ‘sleeper’ supercar out there, a lot of bang for not a lot of buck you should keep it) I guess y’all plannin on being in Canada for a while you shipping ALL the cars back there lol, what if the virus goes away tomorrow and then you have to ship all 10 of them back lol

  • Hear me out but the should wrap the C8 in metallic god with black trim.

  • That's absolutely one of the baddest on in cars I've ever heard 💪

  • Need a sponsor.. u fit the bill Lol love the channel

  • Mclaren MP 4 - 12 C is an AWESOME car and a once in a lifetime opportunity. I want it and rolling with the DDE crew would be amazing and worth the price of the car :) jus saying

  • Dang DDE has really gone downhill. Now it's just modifying and wrapping cars every vid.

  • These guys are so freakin CLICHE , they don’t realise that to grow this channel they need to gradually phase out the skits and devise a way to pivot all the content via the amazing cars they have access to.

  • u can get 12c around $80000 USD no one want buy $125000 USD 12C,i will buy 650S in this range

  • You could always give me the car ☺️

  • Just for the vlog now that I know you used to ride motorcycles I want to see you go to the Harley dealership next to august and test drive one of the most expensive bikes in their show room

  • Damn it's sad to see the McLaren going but curious to see what's next

  • Please sell the C8!


  • Why are Americans so loud and uncouth?

  • do we see a p1 coming or a ED

  • You should wrap the c8

  • Snowball really 2017 it's when I got introduced to this channel 👊🏾🔥🔥🔥

  • Wish i could afford the McLaren would love to have a DDE car

  • My life's dream is to own any McClaren. Just one. I don't want a Porsche, Benz , Bentley or Lamborghini. The McClaren is just the one.

  • Why do they always forget that they installed supercharger on it? which costs another 10K

  • 2:12 just a few questions... didn’t you just get done putting that top exit exhaust mod in? Are you gonna make any money on the sell of the car? Sad to see it go but I don’t blame ya. Especially with the gear select issue it has and all that.

  • Let’s be honest the McLaren sounds way better then the C8

  • If i had a lot of money I'II buy dave's mclaren for sure

  • Even tried the iOS link. You get nothing. Total BS

  • I would sell it too. Old model from yesteryear

  • Hi guys, I have a bit of confusion. Can you guys please comment all of Damon’s cars!

  • Damon should keep the car for Mia

  • Im such a fan! How can I avail of your shirt and cap? Im from the Philippines. Hope to hear from u. Thanks

  • Hearing Dave ad lib about Raid kills me a little more every time I hear it hahaha.

  • I wish i had the 125k to buy that MClaren i love it

  • Whoever buys this car I hope you take the wrap off. Thanks. Other than that, it’s a beautiful car.

  • Hi

  • One day I will be able to buy a super car, just not yours.

  • 2:31 if raid shadow legends ever ends up on my phone

  • Plzzzzzz do chrome gold

  • And yes my spelling is crap I know! I also have integrity! I can admit when I screw up!

  • Bring dis song in the intro for it back

  • Was i too high or you guys actually uploaded a video about an hour ago and deleted it?

  • Takes a year to rebuild one motor? That shop sucks balls

  • isnt the vlog on the df channel

  • They do my head in ,slow down man

  • mc laren p1 is what you gyz need fav car we will mis thi car

  • Am I the only one who thought they were getting a Jesko from the Image.

  • Plz rap the c8

  • Should of done a wide body 12c with bigger turbos 1000 hp methanol 12c wide body with a big wing and that exhaust mod would of been nuts loll

  • Let’s be honest The sponsor is kinda hot ass . But love your vids DDE

  • Wrap the c8 in chrome blue

  • bro when is the tour of that house is coming

  • Saw the DDE mclaren when I was next door getting my range a new bike hitch. Looks so sexy in real life probably will be sold soon. If I was single I would buy it or if I bought it I would turn to single too lol


    • Exotic? nope



  • Yo what happened to the FF camera car ?

  • Why are you bringing all of the cars back to canadia?

  • Damon on every sponsor: you guys already know we only partner with brands that we think are very good. Also Damon: today's sponsor is raid shadow legends!

  • Dave just got a Lamborghini black huracan

  • 5:52 the dice were flying around in the back

  • I think they are mad at gi for not having ready the murci

  • USD $124,096.70

  • Thumbs down for game advertising... you took a few minutes out of my life..

  • Do like a mint green

  • Wide body the lambo

  • Gt2rs or nothing

  • I think it would be awesome if somebody wrap their car in like trueflame..chip foose style..with a satin black

  • so funny tbh i would rather see them keep the mclaren over a twin turboed drag hurican

  • Wow you guys really do live the life making memories for your kids.. Dave's came a long way since Starbucks. I don't care what anyone says ,you guys are awesome the dream ..!! .thank you for sure u are an inspiation to many...much love...

  • Can't wait for all the cars to be back in Canada!

  • The thumbnail keeps changing

  • Why game in a car video why?

  • Bruh this only cost £100,000 which is less then when it was new and it has been upgraded with $40,000 of upgrades

  • It’s already bought folks

  • R.I.P in the chat

  • So happy you guys did this! The Mclaren was ugly asf...

  • "Lightly driven" "garage kept"

  • i knew this was coming well they bought the huracan so they need money for the upgrades sad to see this going away

  • Does crazy wraps were ugly

  • You need to make you company ship Merch to Norway man ;)

  • What about a color combo like Ryobi tools for the wrap?