Datum objavljivanja: 29. Srp 2020.
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YOU WON"T BELIEVE WHY THIS COP PULLS ME OVER! *Most Ridiculous Ticket In A Lamborghini*

You WON"T BELIEVE WHY He Pulled Over!

Laguna Police Ticket Lamborghini Passenger WE'RE IN TROUBLE

Lamborghini Pulled Over By Oregon State Police





  • stradman has a better spoke wheels but i like the color

  • It’s 100 in Texas almost everyday

  • You need to put a C8 Corvette back into your fleet of super cars!

  • Just buy a hypercar and race it against stradman future hypercar.

  • Yall boys need to come down to Louisiana and see what hot is!

  • Tire stickers would change the look on all the supercars 👌

  • this guy really said it 44 degrees im dead were i come from its 90 or a 100 and im california

  • 2:42 Gloss black, Really clean.... you what sorry? they are dirty af hahaa

  • Where I'm at its hotter than that on average

  • LOVE FROM INDIA 🇮🇳❤️🇨🇦

  • DDE experiences arizona for the first time...

  • Bout time you sob those stock wheels were extremely gay

  • 44 degrees😂

  • Signing in[] 864 to the 562💯💪

  • Now that's a C8 🤩😎

  • The C8 looks sooo much better.. dare I say it looks good now 🤪 needs a WRAP thoooooo Dave you keep the Squadra right how it is now, it is perfection

  • If the merci is toast again.. repair it then garage it for an investment.. its just not a Daily Drivable (DDE) car.. lol 😣

  • It is not 111 degrees in Canada

  • 7:57 bro it’s renderING when you’re talking about the picture. Render is a verb and rendering is a noun. The render of your rendering looks fantastic by the way

  • Meh. The lambo rims that they said is 12k looks better

  • Anyone see the new Turbo S destroy a 720 on carwow?

  • you really should get a model x espically with the new drift mode

  • You can tell you guys are best friends in this love it because that’s how me and my best friend are

  • The render of the 720s looks insane. Love the videos, keep up with the good/hard work.

  • You should widebody the 720s

  • Wat is that music called

  • Leave the 720’s engines stock, the are already unreliable enough, ask mike from street speed 717. Tuned it and boom. Lighten it up, love the idea you have Damon. Awesome

  • Love the new Merci wrap! Sooo sweet. Solid color.

  • if you have a black vehicle... this is something you're gonna want to buy

  • Get the Streethunter wide body kit for the C8!

  • the wheels on the c8 look the same

  • Come to Texas and Get in the car don't touch the shifter though lol

  • Looks the same

  • Dave is a chicken

  • Why did you guys sell barney

  • Why will they not add in a A/C?

  • Those wheels do look really good !!!

  • Bro, it's easier to leave the drink in the left hand😁👍 that's what I do

  • That “LaVette” life though

  • May God have mercy....

  • I don’t like the c8 tbh they would look way better on the McLaren

  • Is there an F12 still in Dallas? I can't f keep up.

  • Corvette life!

  • The C8 definately needed those wheels!!

  • Who else saw that the Corvette was gone to get the wheels installed when Damian and Dave went out to the Murci😂

  • every other word they say "son of a bitch"

  • You guys should put UV tint on all your windows to protect from the sun's heat. A clear UV tint can protect you 3x the a out that a 5% charcoal tint

  • how much for that car, and no cup holder...highway robbery...

  • Just sell that peace of garbage !!

  • Get the carbon wing asp

  • Dave you have to let me take one of your cars for a month and you can drive my SS 2019 4,000 miles go ahead and fix it up you have a month and I will baby your loaner come on first time ever done ..buddy

  • You should really put your seatbelt on bro. I don’t you to end up up like that one guy that played in those racing movies.

  • hahahaa

  • 1.08 BERLIN

  • C8 wheels don't look much different or any better

  • Der came somthing out the shifter

  • That Gallardo tho!!! As soon as it’s for sale, I’m jumping on that!!!!!!!!!! 🏎💨💨💨💨💨💨

  • Dave’s AirJordan’s fresh aff🔥🔥

  • Everytime Damon drives the Murcialago there's always a problem lol

  • Camera men sucks from 10:30

  • Damon: "We just had new set of wheels delivered for one of the cars, we dont wanna give it away yet." Dave: "im pretty sure these are your new corvette wheels." LoL 1:00

  • Well here in iraq it's 52 C° and we drink tea like 4 times a day

  • I like the rims better than the stock rims but I think you should The colors of the wheels

  • I can’t wait to get one

  • 100F, babies! We hit 110 down here in the desert in So.Arizona.

  • Talk with Khyzyl Saleem for a crazier 720s design

  • The random guy whose Mickey Thompson wheels they just opened watching this 👁👄👁 😂

  • Wrap the vette in mirage white with orange stripes

  • You didn’t even have the car that long😢 that sucks I fell sorry for u guys

  • 4:39 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 wtf is wrong with that guy. Why’s he frozen

  • Mike said good thing you have lots of cars 😂

  • Lambo life....happened to me Today ..... it is what it is and it gets content 🤘🏼

  • Its just a 2inch

  • Hey what ever happened to th type r

  • Honestly I don't think it's the Supercar, its the owner, Damon- Lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣 beating the Crap out of his car and not giving the Murcielago the respect it deserves!

  • C8 much needed mod. Thank goodness!

  • God bless that Murci is a money pit.

  • “It’s like 44 degrees today” Confused American noise

  • Auto top NL has an merci might need to buy another

  • 5:14 well guess witch car is missing for new tires :D

  • Black Wheels......again, black wheels are so overdone honestly.... I would like to see the wheel TJ Hunt had on his Ferarri GT3 on Daves least it's not Black and with that lip 👌!!!

  • Man, the c8 wheels, i dont like the white border, they kinda look like the old wheels it had, tbh, didnt like them :( . Aside that, epic content, love you guys

  • Hey don’t walk on my new wheels lol

  • Oh nooo

  • Tomorrow's episode will consist of Dave making a peanut and butter jelly thats how desperate these 2 are for content.

  • The 720 GTR plan is so sick locking!!

  • 39 degrees and you guys suppose that the Murci isn't going to die? Hahahahahaha it's a V12 Lambo!

  • Just bisforbuild the 720s

  • Saw you guys at starbucks in kelowna as i was going past sadly couldnt stop and say hello

  • That render is sick

  • I kinda like the stock C8 wheels better.

  • 44 degrees, bro think you mean Celsius

  • Dudes! I've DMed all three of you on IG with an idea for a video. Jesus you're hard to get in touch with.

  • “Steps on tens of thousands dollar rims” 😂

  • Lol, no its not 44C where you are! But it is 46C where I am. Suck it up, whiners. Tire slayer would overheat here in minutes.

  • C8 needs spacers

  • who ever filmed this can’t film lol, dave check your email. i live in kelowna

  • I feel like DDE should get a warehouse for all of their cars and wheels, maybe turn it into a giant office.

  • C8 hard

  • You and Dave are the most childish adults. Love it