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YOU WON"T BELIEVE WHY THIS COP PULLS ME OVER! *Most Ridiculous Ticket In A Lamborghini*
You WON"T BELIEVE WHY He Pulled Over!
Laguna Police Ticket Lamborghini Passenger WE'RE IN TROUBLE
Lamborghini Pulled Over By Oregon State Police


  • Why 3 huracans?

    • He has more Hurricanes then the Gulf of Mexico.

    • @DailyDrivenExotics What car is the evo kit going on? I have a good idea - buy me a huracan and put the kit on that

    • Spider

    • I love cars a lot. If you wanna send me to school I’ll sign a contract and move next to you and be your mechanic. I’m a work aholic. Currently in the local 479. Need a change though at a crossroads and what not. I have attention to detail and do everything to my absolute best.

    • Dudeeeee the other day i specd a lambo hits on and did black with blue highlights but it was a coupe

  • Another, Was look at me I got nice shot video

  • Love from Miami.

  • 6:25 car reveal

  • i mean it aint faster than aventador so i dont care

  • I live in canada alberta, is this in alberta? I WANNA GO TO THIS PLACE AND SEE THEY CAN SELL A LAMBO FOR THE CHEAPEST PRICE CUZ I WANT PARENTS TO SELL my moms turbocharged $103,000 Mercedes van and by a lamborgorhini

  • Its a spider

  • Does anybody else know the TwinTurbo her con in the background of the thumbnail is still there he did not sell it

  • man this is my goal lifestyle, how did you become so wealthy? im just turning 18 and i need advice to become wealthy enough to get one of these.

  • That car is fucking amazing congrats can't wait to see how it ends up

  • Am I the only one that notices that nobody wears a mask?

  • you guys should get a Keonigsegg

  • I remember when his Ferrari got soled and abended in a parking lot so sad


  • Wheres your guys masks

  • send it to UGR

  • Douche bag!

  • I love this, I love that..2 days those things are gone

  • Hellyeah i'm hype for a spyder build tabarnak

  • i remeber watching that video 4 yeARS AGO WHEN IT CAME OUT

  • SVJ

  • daughtry

  • Intro song???

  • A nice vw golf u have

  • I knew he is going to rev limit the car before he even started it lol

  • wow septepber 27 2021 i guess for him

  • Ima get me one of these one day...

  • i love to have the cash that you have

  • I'm back. Subd b4 your first lambo, your first Ferrari..Crazy how far you've come. Congrats

  • Weird world some people are buying cars for 100k and the rest are losing there job and lives

  • Super car

  • Hii

  • It needs a tron look But with purple blue black

  • So.. no more sheepy?? 🤔🤔

  • When is f12 coming?

  • I know about cars End or an Lamborghini perpomante

  • It's so cool end osam

  • Spider*

  • Normal car for 20k$ =sliding seats are in Standard Car for 200k$= sliding seats/roller "Wow Cool" 9:53

  • Am I the only one who is tired of huracan content?

  • How do they afford all of these cars

  • Y is the 720s called the 720s gtr

  • Lessssgooooo amigo!

  • When I become a millionaire I'm going to buy this right away as my first super car man I can't wait thank you jesus 777 🎰👑👑🎲😎♟🎯🎯🎯♟♣️👑🥳🥳🎯👑🎰🥳

  • Wipe your chin you got some white stuff

  • it was a huracan evo spider maybe

  • this is so fucking beautiful wow


  • “You cheekey devil”😂

  • Black and blue looks amazing though

  • So u own/ it’s your Lamborghini

  • Imma make a petition if you dont modify the model too

  • Hideous

  • vancouver to get a new lambo

  • Well I have the same garage door opener but not the car to fit in the garage

  • You have the same remote control for your gate as stradman 👅

  • That's a spyder

  • Should have taken it to UGR

  • Make the lights more aggressive and your all set

  • called it

  • I forgot to update the game and I’m still in 2020 still pretty damn buggy

  • DONT USE IT as a SNOWPLOW again!

  • To be very honest, I'm starting to get tired of just the Lambos and Mclarens. I thought the channel was building to a variety of exotics to which the channel was named. I'm sure once the Ferrari is built, it will soon after be sold like the rest and another Mclaren will be bought in its place. My interest is becoming lost on DDE.

  • Me over : Revealing my used efgwegegegewfw DDE: Hold my beer Congrats man! Can't wait to see it in person!

  • Svj plz

  • make U deal i dont subscribe to cars channels but if u bye the 4 door lambo i will subscribe and bye merch i wan to see you donuts with 4 people in a lambo

  • MAN IM SO EXCITED !!!! Can't wait for the content my dude. I was never a fan of Spyders, but I'm getting this itch that it's just right when you got it. Might just be that it's different but seriously am super excited to see what you'll do! Congrats on the new lambo and all your success!

  • Who cares about you and your car

  • I drive those cars too! In Forza Horizon 😂

  • Who else is here to see a car they can only dream about lmao😍😍😍😂🤣

  • I thought the under the cover is a sian lol

  • Spider

  • Hi i become a automobile engenering where are you from

  • Umm did I here him call a mclaren a gtr

  • Super bonne chance avec votre nouveau projet. Un plaisir de vous écouter. Si vous venez à Montréal faites moi signe ça serait un plaisir de vous rencontrer

  • The spyder looks so good

    • brother do u know the intro song

  • Stop revving your cars cold


  • how you gonna put a roof scoop on it?

  • TT for RWD?

  • I said put on a roof scoop in my last comment and he got a spyder..... I think I know how this is going down

  • Its in the outro recommended about the 458 making

  • Awesome car

  • I dont like the soft top it would look better hard top like it you think the same 👇

  • Nice! Can't wait for the TT Huracan build! I live in Miami haha

  • Get the Koenigsegg agera

  • 11:25 mmmh "el compressore" incoming!!! me like, no turbo in the exhaust which kills sound!!!! LIKE LIKE LIKE

  • I love the product that you’re selling the shirts the gear all that stuff do you salmon four and 5X large

    • I love all the product that you’re selling especially the shirts but do you sell them in a four , five or extra-large

  • When are you guys touring through Chicago

  • Imagine driving a huracan to go pick up a huracan

  • Think it gonna be a hard top spyder

  • I know what is under that cover its a lambomoghini

  • 2 Grand!!!!.....Oh I've got to see this, get the popcorn.

  • the wing... is inSANE

  • Dude those mountains are gorgeous. Where does he live?

  • How many cars does this man have i cant keep count

  • Black? Why not colors

  • Dam this video almost got 1 million views

  • i thought someone already bought the og tire slayer.

  • That feeling at 10:37 makes any car guy feel like a kid