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YOU WON"T BELIEVE WHY THIS COP PULLS ME OVER! *Most Ridiculous Ticket In A Lamborghini* hrdown.info/block/video/j4uwa8eel6aIia8
You WON"T BELIEVE WHY He Pulled Over! hrdown.info/block/video/ynllg9eLas-Olrc
Laguna Police Ticket Lamborghini Passenger WE'RE IN TROUBLE hrdown.info/block/video/1ZKifo9no9qboKs
Lamborghini Pulled Over By Oregon State Police hrdown.info/block/video/o5aKqaqXpd2ofaM
WE TOUR FAST & FURIOUS LOCATIONS IN LA! "TUNA, NO CRUST" hrdown.info/block/video/mYF5opJpgrGJY8k


  • Nice.

  • Cop is 100%

  • Must be clean

  • Your lucky you didn't go to jail. Lol

  • What a Boy Scout 😂

  • Wanker cop

  • Llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllp0p00p00pp0ppppppppp90ppppp00ppp00pp000p0pp0ppp0000p0pp00pp0ppp0pp0p09p00pppppp0pp0pppp0ppppp0p00p00opp0ppppp00p0pp0pp0po0000pp0p0ppp0pp0o00p0p0pppppp0pp0p9p0p9op9ppppopppppp0o90op0pppp00po00p000p00000000pp00pp0000pp00pp00p0000p0p00p000p0000p0pp0000000p

  • Do you know why I pulled you over? Yup. I'm driving a bright orange car and I'm a douche bag? Yeah that's exactly why.

  • Nice looking ker! Is that a new word.

  • Then why you whipping the company car ? Lmao

  • You are so lucky you got tagged for that video otherwise you wouldnt have any proof.. but so does he..

  • I'd be annoyed too if I got pulled over for nothing . Maybe he secretly just wanted to get a closer look at your cool ride .He probably thought the car was stolen especially after you kept playing cat-and-mouse with him and not telling him your address and all that stuff. Cops have to deal with a lot. It's not that big of a deal, it's not like he made you get out and search your car or anything.

  • that is one envious cop.

  • Sorry DDE but you are kind of being a dick to the guy. Im not from the US/Canada so cant tell if this is normal.

  • How much money do you spend on the court system each year?

  • There is not such thing as a good cop

  • there are no good cops you are dreaming

  • Dude go to traffic court there nice and at the min you will have your fine reduced buy half

  • I've been harrassed because they obviously thought I'd stolen my own car. All looks based harassment.

  • Liquid Metal cop in Terminator, he would be a motherfucker to get away from, glad you took the ticket.

  • Canada really does have some asshole cops for sure. Love their jobs a little too much it seems.

  • Named and maimed, well done.

  • Problem with Officers "like" Cons Bevan is THEY GET TO WRITE THEM and you have to defend those allegations in court....IN plain English, they do not care because it doesn't affect them personally. Maybe if proven in court against officers and they have to pay for it, things like false declaration would cease over night?

  • "are you telling me what I saw?' says cop. Nope ...but this video just proved you will support a weak lie and use your authority to abuse people !!!

  • Cop didn't see that coming...

  • hes got so many houses, he cant remember them all! WOW!

  • Bull shit stop. Only because he will never drive a car he owns.

  • For the most part the RCMP WERE HIGHLY RESPECTED IN CANADA but that was 30 tears ago & more, now they have a smeared reputation for covering up their own crimes, doing sleazy deals, becoming the criminals themselves! It’s gotten even worse since Trudeau appointed his new female (gender) quota Brenda Lucki who is Trudeau’s lackey she was put there passing by some very qualified personnel b/c Trudeau knows she will & has squashed investigations into SNC Lavalin & the WE Charity corrupt scandal & the worse one yet is the cover up of Canada’s worse mass murderer in Nova Scotia which leaves so many unanswered questions; about RCMP actions or non actions it’s unbelievable! They are no longer the RCMP B/C they are now the TCMP (Trudeau Corrupt Marxist Police!

  • What an ass ( cop)!!


  • The cops especially the RCMP are gone rogue b/c they have a lackey Superintendent named BRENDA LUCKI who is beholding to Trudeau & now the cops do whatever the F they want!

  • What you do is take him to court, make him testify under oath of what he claims he saw and then you show the video. That means he now committed perjury if he reaffirms his original statement twice.

  • He figured he'd get an easy citation out of you, driving an expensive car.. he'll just pay, right? WRONG. Now 890 thousand something people knows he's a liar, howboutdat?

  • This is something the government does not ever tell you. It is assumed that you know about changing lanes too and from. There are lots of others hidden laws that they do not tell you. They expect you to figure it out on your own. Like turning right or left onto a one-way at a stop light. Very confusing to others and very unsafe.

  • Penalty for cop......

  • Post the video of the court to see his face of shame

  • And he was racing with my dad (we were in a Dodge Ram truck)😂

  • Damn I know this guy my dad hangs out all the time with the Damien he goes to car shows in Nanaimo and he usually takes his McLaren

  • He saw someone with money, and he tried to take some.

  • Not a real cop

  • Oh come on you could have filmed that lane change after the ticket. Do you have proof of time and date.. That’s going to be their argument

  • I didn't watch the whole vid but in my experience anyone with a numbered company is usually full of shit. I will not do business with any numbered company. Some guy using the system and bucking it wondering why he has grief. Many cops are full of shit though..

  • Your my hero!

  • Amazing 👍🏼. With that car, everyone will record something and prove it correct. SuperCar Respect. Police sorry can never have a car like that. Haters....

  • And the moral of the story is. Always have a dash camera.

  • Are Canadian police all dickheads? This guy is...

  • I will bet that is not a law. Cop is jealous and has a need to feel important and power over the driver. Cop with inadequacy issues.

  • They should make the officer pay the fine for lying

  • The kkk race soldier should be charged for the soiled white lines he putting up his nose!!!!!

  • People have rights to their own opinion or choices. But my question is what's not to like about the video? A stinging kkk pig got caught L👀ing!!!!!

  • Only in US!🙄

  • I like the answers! Nice job!..wait a minute!!!! IT is that a RCMP POLICE car??????

  • Interesting, you even signaled the turn. Dude was just jealous of the car, clearly had it in for you.

  • Fuckn Lahey

  • He shouldn't be answering all of those questions

  • 👍

  • most of the people who back you up on these replies are just kissing your ass. you can not help but tell people how rich you are. I have many houses I have many corporations. You still got the ticket, you won in court, the cop got paid overtime, so you were still the only loser............

  • This cop should be fired

  • Now you can she why people today you donot trust the police anymore. These about Revenue only. Not SAFTEY. Yes you have do all the heavy lifting. He willl just write the report to justify the stop. He was fishing

  • Here I am ! A smart fellow , who does all I can to piss of a policeofficer and then I create a numbered company and I am so rich I cant remember all my 378 adresses. I drive a superduper didley car and I have to create a youtube video so everyone can see how smart I am am and how much I can piss of a police officer. I am so f**** tired of smartases like you.

  • Soooo glad there was a video to support your conscientious and good driving. That officer represents what’s wrong and needs to be weeded out of police forces around the globe. 👍🏾

  • can i ask what camera you use,,,,very good quality

  • the cop sounded and looked like an american cop.

  • It sucks to see that pigs in canada are also lying dirtbags. I always had the notion they were nice and would fight a moose for you if need be!

  • i wonde rhow much he paid the cop actor...

  • That cop looks like if a kid made his Halloween costume.

  • the problem is that the rich prick is paying the same ticket as a regular driver

  • I bet if you hadn't been so much of a pain that might have been a better experience for both of you - just sayin'.

  • Officer douche

  • I would love to see an update on the outcome of this ticket. :)

  • Bull this is just because the guy has an expensive car Cops hate that

  • Power tripping Cop , one of many

  • This video is fake

  • Make him purger himself in court. That will prevent him from ever being a cop again. Force that to be on his record, this way every single person he pulls over after that, can show where the cop lied in court. The cop will never be a successful witness in court again.

  • Maybe if you properly cooperated, he would be less likely to book you.

  • YOU NEED TO FILE A GRIEVANCE WITH THE FORCE !! You handled yourself most respectfully. The office WILL BE reprimanded once determined he was negligent. It will be posted to his permanent record.. You have all the video you need !! Coming from a past experience ...

  • That why I have cameras in my vehicle you easily get a ticket if you are a person of color my got ticket for speeding 🙃 she never had ticket ever driving while black in America

  • Probably trying to fill his ticket quota.......nice car by the way.

  • Their is no such thing as GOOD cops... When is the last time you heard or seen a cop (good) arresting a crooked cop? ..... NEVER!!!! They are ALL part of the SWINE FLU....

  • The car in the thumbnail has a plate sayibg clkbait so this is clkbait? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • corrupt cops

  • The cop can just type in the details in his computer from the drivers license and get the name, adress etc That cop is on some bs

  • what a fucken Lahey....and then Randy comes along to ask about carbon fibre...

  • The guy recording is a asshole like stop being so difficult just tell the man what he needs so you and he can leave

  • Will you update after the court case??

  • This guy is a complete jerk and I'd love to see him cuffed and hauled off just on principle.

  • Cop1: Mmm,, let's see where I have to put my hands... ah on the belt, so that we look big, strong and determined. Those signals tell you right away what to expect :)

  • You questioned the cops manhood...thats what he didn't like.. he needed to throw something at you for ego's sake.... pratt !.

  • Why ask for the license and then ask for all the information on the license lol

  • From what i understood cops can sometimes or in some states keep the money/items etc they appropriate from traffic stops or other scenario's where they confiscate stuff from civilians. If that is also the same in some sense (even if its indirectly going to them), then its not much different from highway piracy, and its a dangerous precedence to have, since there will inheritenly be a conflict of interest - as cops essentially benefit from things such as the contents of this video. I'm not american though, and it's quite possible that im wrong.

  • Cuntunstable Beven!

  • We have the same birthday 😊

  • They're collecting revenue, it's what they do because they have nothing better to do.

  • This cop is a total nin cow poop and has no idea what hes doing. LMAO. And theres no LAW that says you have to have yours drivers license attached to the car.........LOL.

  • Unglaublich!!!!!!!!! Greatings vrom Switzerland!

  • Pigs.

  • Don't argue with the cop on the side of the road. Review the Crown's disclosure before trial, and at trial explain to the JP why the ticketing constable is wrong. Or explain it to the Crown attorney before trial and he'll probably dismiss the charge.

  • DDE never crosses the line😉

  • The driver is an asshole. Why such a prick exist? Imgine they defund the police there will be chao on the road. Ok so what if you didnt cross the solid line but just be cooperative you ll probly get a better outcome.

  • I like how y’all say idk why they pull me over. You’re videos speeding and driving Dangerous lol