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YOU WON"T BELIEVE WHY THIS COP PULLS ME OVER! *Most Ridiculous Ticket In A Lamborghini*
You WON"T BELIEVE WHY He Pulled Over!
Laguna Police Ticket Lamborghini Passenger WE'RE IN TROUBLE
Lamborghini Pulled Over By Oregon State Police


  • But a svj

  • I live in lumby which is like 20 mins from Vernon. It’s not much but y’all should comeeeee

  • vancouver: Supercar capital of North America, that's a fact!

  • 6:44 shout out to that supra on the left

  • That crash is mad!!!!! Shout out to Mclaren they make some strong and fast super cars!

  • Wheres choi by the way

  • Glad he survived love to him and his family

  • it is not Soltis it is SKY

  • *I bet Tavarish could still rebuild it lol*

  • Damon really likes to act like he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to cars lmao: dude look at these curves on your windshield bro!!!

  • Why did the airbags go off who looking into this kept up dates

  • Tavarish: Oooo look! Parts car!!!!😃😂

  • Lol is that whistling diesel in the intro next too the rolls

  • Just remembered it wasnt 830 in morning passed the crash got confused of week after when went up there, drove by the crash at like 4 or 5 in afternoon. What time did it happen at? wondering if it was done already or just happened when drove by

  • I am autistic

  • Mga ulol ampota

  • nice knowing mclarens are pretty safe to bein, if he was in a porsche he woulda been dead 100%

  • All the air bags should have gone off

  • Missing the dde intro song

  • He's a supercar destroyer

  • Gently driven, never raced . CLEAN CARFAX. Light front end damage, will buff out. Serious inquiries only

  • When is the next episode of the ff build coming?

  • SV to replace the murci??

  • I have Autism can you send my dad a mclaren one pls 2110 south Patterson

  • Yesterday I saw a Ferrari 488 spyder

  • Amazing that none of the airbags deployed. And that he survived. 🤯🤯 Talk about having guardian angels.

  • He must sue coz airbags didnt deploy my x rolled a mini cooper few times nd strght into a wall no airbags deployd

  • so glad the guy is safe. the air bag companies need to rethink some things tho. awesome windshield!

  • the views are insaane!

  • Glad hes still alive welcom to rest of your life in pain from a ruptured disk...was his son with him in the car?

  • saturn sky

  • why is not a soul wearing a mask cmon Bruh

  • Oh man glad to see he's ok supising he walked away from that crash.

  • Hold the camera steady, making all of us dizzy in every video

  • people need to stop hyping up the Spyker.

  • No Airbags deployed????? Concerning....

  • anyone see the black supra at 6:44

  • Holy shoot

  • His McLaren is dead in the bed

  • How do you crash a 650 and say “ya it’s time for a 720” no.. no man I don’t think it’s time

  • @lifeofpalos after 11:08 just as he says crashed supercars, is that Dave's huracan? Why is someone else driving it

  • Don’t do it, NOT AN SV, plus when your F12 gets , back you won’t want anything else plus you get the mods done on the 720 😱 and Dave’s UGR, I SAID UGR LOL OR 🐑Y 😐

  • Yeah don't forget the really old lambo tractors XD Jk

  • This is the first video in a long time that I feel like you are really getting back to the roots of this channel excellent supercar content! 💪👍

  • If you guys drive the way you do, you may one day(hopefully never) get into an accident that may harm yourself, passenger or third party. Being parents, you need to think greatly about what you are promoting. Yes it is a business for you, but you are encouraging others to drive fast, yes you are. Think about your actions!

  • Side airbags should of went off during role over .

  • Wow all that damage n flooded over . Glad he made it out safe . God is good fir ya friend Damone

  • i came to comments lookin for a tavarish reference and wasn't disappointed

  • u know i saw this mclaren on a flatbed on the highway when it happened, and then i get told about by my step dad, and then i see the video. kinda crazy

  • @Tavarish buy it

  • Am happy he survived that .. omg so brutal... the man has soul.. hes smiles like he knows God is watching over him.. guys Dave.. mike I love yall

  • When those jackass will stop flexing their "Lamborghinis" thinking they're cool when they get smoked by an r34..

  • it is so weird how we all forget how rich damon actually is

  • 11:25

  • Stop flexing

  • Should sue McLaren for the airbags not going off.

  • Started the video with damn thats a sick rolls royce

  • Very happy to see some of the Canadian car scene!! GOD was definitely with him thru that wreck! God bless you brother , I'm happy you made it out with out a scratch..

  • On the side off the diablo it stod skaha and in swedish that means need to have

  • That even the side airbag didn’t went off is strange, cause if he rolled his head could smash in window or something....

  • Why would people dislike this. He does a lot for charities and survives untouched

  • Wow the first of its kind a lambo museum it’s almost like Lamborghini kalonha doesn’t exist

  • McLaren is !"#"!#. Why the f!"#!" the airbags did not deploy?

  • C8 La Pinto :.)

  • i was here for the crash... enlightened me pls

  • These Videos in Canada are awesome, but i really miss the LA Videos.

  • Him that’s a sick Rolls Royce me looking at the f 250

  • You don’t need airbags in a McLaren 🤪🤪🤪🤪

  • The Spyker is a car from my country The Netherlands !!! 👍🤪🤪

  • Haha Haha 😂😂😂

  • Hi DDE I can't find my country in shopdde shipping , INDIA

  • Fixable it's fast

  • That’s crazy bc I was T-boned and my truck rolled and i walked away the same day this happened

  • I saw the crash right after it happened craziest crash I've ever seen in person

  • I think a wide body 458 should come back to the channel!!😉

  • Laughing and joking aside ...airbags deffo should have gone off ,especially with the frontal impact . Maybe Mclaren can explain ?

  • The fact that he walked away is a testament to the safety of the cabin structure.. However, the bags didn't deploy and that's kinda scary. All that being said.....he can take that damn horseshoe out of his ass now....

  • What happened to the Xbox Achievement I think there should be a PlayStation achievement maybe?

  • Get a mk4 supra and make it fast

  • The Diablo is always going to be my favorite car

  • 4:39 Damon says i'm gonna drive it like a mad man more like how it was supposed to be driven

  • Dave delivering Gapplebees on the SC tho 🔥🔥🔥

  • Holly ***t I'm surprised that no airbags went off 😳 he is one very lucky person bye the looks of that car.

  • Great video and any news on your ferrari.

  • I love your channel and what you are doing. A big thumbs up to DDE don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe to there channel. Thanks Sillytime 83. Visit my channel would be nice. Sillytime 83

    • like your channel sillytime. keep it up

    • Awesome channel Sillytime 83.

  • I live in Kelowna I see them driving all the time

  • So ready to see the f12

  • yea mclaren air bags not going off is just another bug issue with these cars...The Carbon Tub did its job though

    • No it’s not another “issue” that’s the tub doing it’s job decelerating and the bags are only deployed if needed

  • I think you should add a bike rider to the crew and buy a Ducati Panigale V4 and do mods to it. That would be a monster. I ride bikes, fyi 😉

  • McLaren would want to inspect this car

  • 6:42 random 2020 Supra sitting at stoplight

  • they say super cars are not safe well the proof is right there.

  • I give a lot of shit to Mclaren, I personally believe they went offoad with their design after the F1, but clearly they still got quality in them, all tires still full of air after a crash, good luck seeing that witha lambo which cracks rims after seeing a curb from a distance.

  • RIYFPS dissing Dave the whole video lol.

  • So nice to see a dutch car brand 😂🙏

  • Everytime i watch this channel i wanna work harder to get one of these cars

  • That Solstice you briefly shot, was actually a Saturn Sky Redline. Just so you know

  • I want to see the f12

  • Can I get the rims so I can make a table out of them !

  • Mcclaren has the best saftey the worst crashes and the people walk out