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Why my 2020 Corvette C8 is better than Ferrari, Mclaren, Lamborghini & Porshe!!!!!
YOU WON"T BELIEVE WHY THIS COP PULLS ME OVER! *Most Ridiculous Ticket In A Lamborghini*
You WON"T BELIEVE WHY He Pulled Over!
Laguna Police Ticket Lamborghini Passenger WE'RE IN TROUBLE
Lamborghini Pulled Over By Oregon State Police


  • Nsx??

  • Better than ferrari thumbnail Damon bought a Ferrari today🙂

  • Supercharge

  • Chevy isn't making a profit model year 20-21 are all being built at a loss they're raising the prices after

  • Ford, wishing they would built this kinda car for under $60K . The Best ! American super sport ! A game changer for super car

  • makes me mad that people call the GTR a supercar but the C8 is a controversial supercar just because it's made in America..

  • The shape quite ugly...

  • GTA summer dlc be like

  • It’s funny you say it can’t do donuts bec when tj hunt got he’s c8 and was trying to do it I actually said in the comments you should let Damon from DDE have it for a day 😂

  • Just an idea... you could be the first person on HRdown to have a very supercharged C8? Or the first air bagged C8?

  • The backend looks... well.. not nice🤷🏼‍♂️

  • if the corvette disrupts the market and forces other supercar companies to lower their prices, it can only be a win for us the consumer.

  • I'm subscribed 🙃

  • I hate this channel, it costs me money every time I watch it, C8 on its way


  • This car has a 200k type of interior and exterior and i’m sure performances as well for less than 80k ...

  • 😍😍😍😍

  • Corvette looks like a kit car (MR2 Ferrari). It is only worth ($80k new) $64k after you drive it off the dealer lot plus Chevy depreciation so you owe Chevy more money LOL. Ferrari will be worth more after you buy it. Agree Ferrari, Lambo and McLaren over priced and at least the Chevy will be cheaper to service and look after. Having owned a Chevy car, never again. Please, Please Chevy redesign the body.....More curves needed.

  • Both “zed” and “zee” are acceptable pronunciations for the letter Z in Canada, though “zed” is much more common. Be warned, however, that some people feel very strongly that it is a betrayal of Canadian nationality to say “zee” and you may incur their wrath if you do so.

  • Watch tavarish he proved u wrong

  • Get the zo6 rims makes them look meaty and get the zr1 supercharger if possible lol

  • Get the zo6 rims makes them look meaty and get the zr1 supercharger if possible lol

  • It's a brand new car, of course its nice... review it after 25k miles

  • Whipple already has their 185 screw supercharger kit for LT1. My vote would be a 12.5:1 6.8L with LS7 Titanium rods. First C8 to 8k

  • muhahahahaha

  • Nissan r35 gtr

  • I don't know honestly but some day I will definitely buy it 😎👍

  • Cant wait to see what you guys do with the LaVette. Wheels, exhaust, wrap, maybe a TT build?

  • I dont want to be in the 55% anymore.

  • Do twinkles please

  • from a Corvette owner/Fan , i have been actually waiting for the c8 since the c4 ! Finally GM got it right ! 😍👌 Not buying one YET 🤯, until i see the ZR-1 / Zora details 😉👍 ( btw : i had to skip the C7 , but still bought the CTS-V3 when it first came out and it's a daily driver beast ) Thanks DDE , great as always 💪😉

  • Need to put some lambo doors on that c8

  • Love from pakistan ❤

  • Why is the rear bumper so UGLY lol... designer needs to be thrown out of a moving C8.

  • I would definitely twin charge it because it would be more horsepower and more torque but Hennessey already did twin turbos and its sound like a venom gt

  • 5:34 what is he saying

  • 0:11 I love that

  • Hold the unlock button, c if the windows go down?

  • TT Do you never go wrong with TwinTurbo through easy to tune you don’t worry about it superchargers don’t put out as much in the car sweet I love watching your show

  • U remove the logo from the c8 it turn into nsx....

  • Yoou guys do a lot of drives, ever do a poker run?

  • Yeah you break in mileage on your Corvette so what's up with the you got post the F12 12 Ferrari I want to see your taking out of the hood what the flash by the way Shield and maybe out the side of the fenders when you got posted a real Ferrari doesn't have a luxurious interior unless you want to pay me a lot more money for it I'll still take my 40 air conditioning was mandatory in one of those sweat boxes

  • On video looks cool but in person the back is to long and boxy in my opinion

  • Zed 06 ? Canadian thing

  • Other HRdownrs: the c8 sucks at donuts, it's almost impossible Damon: Hold my Timmy's!

  • I just saw you or the same exact corvette

  • That is a beautiful car just wish I could have one

  • TT would be hell to do. Supercharge the car it will be easier.

  • This is the Kawasaki of Sports cars

  • C8 is way better looking and sounds great wonder what it would sound like supercharged and straight piped

  • supercharger please

  • Twin turbo , something about LS engines and turbos are scary

    • It's an LT engine.

  • Check your DM Damon, I've sent you a video of C8 with lambo doors, it looks pretty sick

  • Hmmm.... Widebodykit, Chassey mounted Spoiler and Lambo-doors :D Thats would look nice. You need to do this on LaCorvette.

  • Acura NSX

  • Dodge Demon

  • “Is the C8 the best supercar for under 100k” Uses his own C8, that he paid 150k for, to answer the question *yes, yes it is*

  • TT has already been done. Do a LT5 type supercharger(look killer under glass w/"Damon" on top), Exhaust, Tune, Body Kit, Wheels etc. Do not kill the Daily Driver Aspect of the C8..just enhance the Beast! You need to build a Grand Touring Super Car.. "The Damon" before the "Zora" gets here...

  • There’s a reason it costs $80K and we’re all going to find sooner or later. FYI it’s a sports car not a super car. Not hating at’s a gorgeous car and you do get a lot for you money tho.

  • 20% of $80,000 is what??

  • I like the c8 corrfit

  • I wacth first

  • the turbos

  • That vehicle will only pass as a Ferrari to very uneducated "not" car people. No car person in their right mind, would think it's a Ferrari. Yes it's great value for price, but still nothing like a rarri.

  • TT no question. That engine kinda torque-ey already. It lacks top end.

  • I thought you paid 115k ? Love the car bro !!

  • Sounds fucking awesome but I know you're gonna put a little love into it, can't wait to hear what it can do when the aftermarket gets into it.

  • straight pipe that c8 that would be crazy.

  • "Buttons and whistles"? It's "Quirks and features"

  • Hate to break it to DDE and other Supercar owners but Corvette hold their value very well. That car is not going to drop to $50,000 in a couple years

  • Keep it N/A and put a big cam, good heads, and the highest flowing exhaust you can get and have it tuned, I’m sure with the DI system you’ll easily get between 6-700hp

  • Dde how’s the ff with the twin turbos doing

  • I have to say I don't like the ph charger position, however you shouldn't be using your ph whilst driving car should be Bluetooth n ph book. place in charger as you get in car take, should be able to answer ph yes? And scroll through ph book to make a ph call?? Just saying...

  • They took a super car and made it obtainable for the everyday person

  • I need a Corvette c8 with super charger. Can't wait until the factory's open back up

  • yellow headlights , change wheels , i think you can get a lot more hp just with correct configuration , also exhaust system ...

  • Id like the zR1 when it comes out but it’ll still be $120-160k im sure, ill have wait some years

  • Ithink you should supercharge this everyone else is doing twin turbo ing

  • This car, C8, looks like a Lambo, rather than a Ferrari. Ferrari, generally have a lot of smooth lines and softer curves. Lambo has a lot of angular stuff going on, and therefore you see more of that. Your discussion of the lowering and the shocks was wonderful and you make a lot of sense. I don't know what Amelia Hartford is attempting to achieve with her C8, as a track weapon, etc., but some of the stuff that makes the C8 versatile with the magnetic ride control and the mid-engine position, such as being also a GT car is being lost by some of the mods that she is making. I supposed if enough money was spent with world class efforts that could combine the ideas of GM in the Corvette with certain track flattening capabilities that, for example, GT2 RS Porsche has, one could make the C8 somewhat better. But honestly, I believe that instead, young drivers like Hartford would better spend their money on performance driving schools and learning from professionals with what the C8 has now, rather than customizing coil overs to attempt to create a focused car that then loses what the C8 is all about. I mean, just look at what Speed Phenom is accomplishing with an essentially stock Corvette at Willow Springs. Now it's America and its all about freedom to do what you want. So I expect everything to be done to this car. By the time they get this car, "weaponized," GM should have the Z06 on tap, which will just be a C8, only more. It is with the coming of the models after the Z06, that you are going to see a car that is weaponized from the start and then the mods made to those cars will have the car out on circuits and race tracks vying for top honors. Upping reliability with axles that don't crystallize, and finding out what breaks, will be far more important than winning a hill climb or Baja. Winning Le Mans will be a focus that will not be out of the question with this car, if the reliability can be perfected. Chevy is doing what they've done: create a car that has the bones to be great and then let tuners and team owners and independents develop the car as GM develops the car itself to make a great and unstoppable car. Ford obviously has done something different. They've got some Le Mans trophies in their case. But, fit, finish, excitement, sound and tremendous handling in a car that won't break has meant that Ford turns out a minimal amount of very expensive hand-built GT's, annually and sells very few to the world. Corvette has gone a different route and the development has taken a longer period of time. But suddenly, there's a bit of gold in the pot at the end of the rainbow. And GM is collecting the gold currently, as they have America excited about a car that most people can order, or by saving, at least aspire to own. Practically no one, even in the upper middle class can own a Ford GT, engineering based upon a Le Mans winner. 500-600 thousand dollars to get one of these cars. Beyond sheer cost, their are also insurance costs; ownership costs and security with this car. Corvette really made a smart move to study all the automotive development and to find out what could make a basic sports car that can be a race car potentially, and also be a GT car. Two trunks and cargo space is valuable to me. More valuable than a shot of NOS. More valuable to me than destroying the stock exhaust system. This car! So much to write about; so much to do. And its happening in our lifetimes and contemporaneously. Aren't we lucky? AF

  • twin turbo

  • Turbos!!!

  • Supercharger for sure

  • SUPERCHARGE THE LAVETTE! the whine of a supercharger would just be good

  • Fair, balance review, especially from experienced exotic car? the good work and I like your comedic touches, possibly pickup for a pilot TV show. If you respond, I will subscribe, its up to you? (Salesmanship 101)

  • Not only the C8 is a amazing car, it made the channel better. The C8 videos are the best until now.

  • He's obviously never driven the Performance Model 3. It's the real disrupter. It costs less, can change from front wheel drive, to rear wheel drive, and everything in between. And traction control slider to go from beginner all the way to dare devil. And it costs less.

    • Ferrari, Lambo,Porsche and Corvette race at the 24 hour LeMans endurance event. Tesla "no testicle" does not, therefore we are talking about a specific niche in the "super car" vein.

  • Supercharger for sure

    • Jesus. Damo really selling this ! full on car salesman mode.

  • Do you wish the vette doors went up?

    • GOvernment motors still has nothing on the Ford GT.

  • American sports car is the way to go nowdays so proud of being american now

  • Supercharged

  • Supercharge it! It's a Chevrolet after all.

  • 'LaFerrari and this car have a lot in common'......yeah they're both ugly. At least that's my opinion. I think the new corvette looks like a McLaren GT and a Acura NSX had sex and the baby was delivered by Chevy.

  • cool option Corvette has Nose Lift with 1000 GPS location just push the save too memories what other European offers that...

  • Dude NOOOO Don't do the wide-body! Massive waste of money and adds unnecessary weight! Keep it tasteful with maybe a front splitter, lower it a little with the KW's, and twin turbo it! Done!

    • 10 years from now they will be on buy here pay here lots for under $30k and thats when its my time to shine

  • Supercharger 👌🏻

  • Almost everyone gonna go TT but i think that u need to go TT..

  • Please make it a track monster! Take it to tracks and watch it smash autocrosses!

  • A exhaust and a tune only, you'll probably be interested in getting a ZR1 or any of the other special editions the will be inevitably released.

  • Saw a video wear The new mustang eats the new vette for lunch... does that make the ford mustang a super car too...

  • BS toys for your BS brain people