Datum objavljivanja: 21. Ruj 2020.
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YOU WON"T BELIEVE WHY THIS COP PULLS ME OVER! *Most Ridiculous Ticket In A Lamborghini*

You WON"T BELIEVE WHY He Pulled Over!

Laguna Police Ticket Lamborghini Passenger WE'RE IN TROUBLE

Lamborghini Pulled Over By Oregon State Police





  • Pulled up beside this today and my son was loving it cause he follows you guys. I asked him if I should put it in sport mode in the Saab and see whose first to get to school! Right on made our days!

  • Awesome videos Dave 👌🏽🇬🇧

  • My boy Dave could’ve scored lmaoooooo 😂😂

  • Where is youre ferrari FF dude??

  • tompetty

  • i wish I'm born rich and i can afford anything on my birthday. .

  • DAVE YOUR NEW WRAP IS AWFUL ... please take it off 720 looks SOO SICK

  • Im not a hater, i am one of your biggest fans, just giving some feed back

  • also, I love all of your livery wraps, but really dont like the new huracan livery

  • bro your amazing love your stuff

  • I want some YSOB merch!

  • Didn’t have it in track mode👀 14:48

  • lol why is there a R35 apart of ur rally ?

  • “Yea, that’s not supposed to do that” One of Dave’s funniest sayings lol

  • Dave seem to be nervous when he talking to the chic...He was trying too hard be cool and not embarrass him self at the same time on camera...If you were interested Dave you should have offered her a ride and a drink...You got it so use it.

  • It’s beautiful up there wherever you guys are!...Thanks

  • "I'm rich, I'm famous, and I'm also really good looking. And I'm humble. I also have 2 Lamborghinis, WHATSSUPPP" Yeah Dave. Real humble😂😂

  • I actually really love the orange accents, and it's kind of a nice change of scenery not having a crazy full wrap for once

  • there is only ONE check engine light

  • Black Ops Lamborghini

  • Omfg damon that 720 that track with that wrap 👌🔥🔥💯

  • Just realized the best part.. the credits.. "Didn't crash evo...Matt August..." I wonder who crashed the evo on humbolt.. anyone have any idea?

  • Dave’s lambo looks sick! Not to much orange. So much better

  • Just put a wing and a body kit on the hurricane

  • 80 liters is like 21 gallons, that’s like over $6 a gallon. That’s a lot, does it run race gas?

  • Dave is crazy lol

  • Good job Dave. You put her in her place when you pulled up lol

  • I just bought myself a Rokform case thanks for the 10$ off I can’t wait to get it

  • Good job with that girl Dave, turned right off lol 💯👍👍👍

  • Always with Quality Legit end credits

  • 1) "Gifts" = bribe. Lol. Good idea for doing sponsor plugs... 2) What window do you clean 1st? Engine or front?

  • Black ops anyone?

  • I went to buy a new phone case from Rockform, the bloody shipping was more than the phone itself. Was $47.00 us for shipping. Not cool

  • Did anybody see the blue civic!!!! 👀🤣🤣👌

  • Wow so funny hearing Jacques Villeneuve with the english accent when you are from Qc!

  • Can we get a jdm car for DDE and that street racing life

  • I want a you sob hat

  • Dave's Huracan has the best livery of all the DDE cars IMO.

  • Dave well done. NO SIMP SEPTEMBER BROTHER.

  • Who remembers Barnie the sv

  • So they changed the car during the rally

  • "I am rich and famous and I'm really good looking I also have 2 Lamborgini's WHATSUPPPP" that flex tho 😂🔥 Dave flex

  • Should of taken the p1

  • Imagine wearing that you son of a bi*ch shirt around the sidewalk and a Karen gets triggered 😂

  • Daves wrap is sick love the orange outlines.

  • That black and orange is awesome, FINALLY a good looking DDE car 👍✌️

  • Looked like there was a leg hump going down at the gas station !!!! 😂

  • 9:50 the face the girl made 🤣🤣 but she was cute tho ;)

  • No penalty for hitting the cone?

  • That hurrican looks looks sick

  • 14:45 the one time hes actually racing hes not in race mode

  • Dave lambo headlights looks like naruto sega mode

  • How do I get some YSOB merch? That shit is awesome

  • take this chanel to the next level and put huge offroad tires on one of the super cars 🚗

  • I love what they say at the very end

  • There’s a Squadra Corse at Porsche Fresno if anyone is in the area and would like to see one in person. Always fun to stop by there. They’ve had his Senna and his Centenario on display in the past too.

  • I like these videos way better than the LA videos

  • Holy shit that’s a nice wrap

  • How do I get custom carbon fiber for an 08 gxp???

  • Who doesn't throw there phone like that damon?

  • If tron had built a car

  • The Ronald McDonald house in PA was the first one built, I’ll be spending some time there in the next couple months🙁

  • Me sad waiting for a new DDE video 😥🤧

  • does men shave their legs now

  • That lady‘s face when Davis checking in is hilarious she’s like get over yourself lol

  • Daemon and dave, we will not be doing crazy driving in this car ( Mclaren 720) ..This video: doing crazy driving sweeet

  • Still works though

  • My dad had a rock from and ran it over with a Jcb 532 forklift and it bent like a banana

  • damon ive thrown my phone further into the sky and let it land on concrete before.

  • Dave, quit letting Damon design your wraps. Ik you're not creative but your mans is keeping you down with these wrap designs he's giving you 🤮

  • Have you 2 ever thought of a lotus elise dave could fit.

  • I don’t like the wrap on Dave’s car it’s meh... He should change it.

  • Wow I love da new DDE LOOK , black n orange look on ya lambo with da DDE 33 look. What’s da prize on race . Da phone wrap drop test . Ya sponsor. With magnetic hold . Damone I was pulling for ya to win fastest times.

  • I’m a patriot fan of DDE and I’ve watched every single episode from the start of the channel. I believe that DDE should invest in a Lamborghini Reventon, that is if you guys can fine one! Epic and rare Lamborghini!❤️🙏🏻

  • You should take the front headlight orange wrap off

  • I have 2 Lamborghini WHATS UPPPP!! Lol the best

  • The shots from the track are sick🔥

  • When you say to kilometers can you please say miles per hour with it to

  • There is always 1 person who is loud and loves to hear thier own voice..... Guess which one. Clue....he has steel breaks

    • Ayup Meducks LMAO 😂 You’re in the comment section, I’m in the videos with my friends. We are not the same hahaha lol 😂

    • @A FUN PINEAPPLE iTS NEARLY OVER MATE...... Hanging on by the skin of my teeth

    • Ayup Meducks what’s sad is your comments lol live your life bro. Lmao 😂

    • @A FUN PINEAPPLE Lol not angry at all just hate it whenone trys to take over. Sad to watch

    • You seem like an angry person. Just smile bro. It’s just a time to let loose and hangout with friends.

  • the shock of the impact isnt going to save your phone lol dont be wondering why you dont have signal all of a sudden

  • This is getting old........ my new car reveal..... I'm bored

  • The douche bag rally

  • Dave is way cooler than Damon

  • Damon do you have a screen protector on your phone also

  • 10:31😳😳🤣🤣🤣

  • Take the orange off the headlights on the huracan

  • rich people laughing about how rich they are... sarcastically. i can appreciate it. goals

  • The 720 looks so good on track

  • pink is sus what about you guys?

  • "I also have 2 lamborghini's. WASSUPPPPPP" flerting 100

  • Hi I'm selling my Lamborghini aventador svj I have many cars so no space

  • Nice dance

  • Where is the c8 ??

  • Loving these vids quality content 👍

  • How are you all


  • 9:39 who is she?

  • Buy the car, but you can't buy the skills...

  • This is cheesy and full of gimmicks. DDE sucks

  • the wrap on the lambo is simple but cool