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YOU WON"T BELIEVE WHY THIS COP PULLS ME OVER! *Most Ridiculous Ticket In A Lamborghini* hrdown.info/block/video/j4uwa8eel6aIia8

You WON"T BELIEVE WHY He Pulled Over! hrdown.info/block/video/ynllg9eLas-Olrc

Laguna Police Ticket Lamborghini Passenger WE'RE IN TROUBLE hrdown.info/block/video/1ZKifo9no9qboKs

Lamborghini Pulled Over By Oregon State Police hrdown.info/block/video/o5aKqaqXpd2ofaM



WE TOUR FAST & FURIOUS LOCATIONS IN LA! "TUNA, NO CRUST" hrdown.info/block/video/mYF5opJpgrGJY8k


  • Went to August after a birthday dinner to have a look at some their inventory. Ended up running into DDE!! These guys were truly genuine!! They were dropping off cars and in the way to supper after an exhausting day but took the time to share some great convo and let us drool/photograph their cars!! Solid guys!! Made my dads bday way more special!! They deserve a like/subscription!!

    • DailyDrivenExotics where’s the FF!?

    • West coast Turbos dde and tanner fox are good friends so don’t hate on him bro there dde merch is in tanner foxes warehouse so they can sell all there merch

    • West coast Turbos I’m a dde fan too bro and part of dde fam

    • @Duane Hamsirani Damon dont want a GT3. Cant wait till DDE slays the F12 all over these fake ass HRdown channels

    • West coast Turbos I’m a dde fan too man

  • Rip f12

  • If you want to make 720s more aggressive just buy 765lt you will save


  • Yes absolutely you Damon should wrap Dave squadre corsa too match

  • What happened to the ff

  • An MP4 that didn’t break ?

  • Subscribe to him plz he grinds and enjoys HRdown

  • So sorry for headphone users on 3:30

  • This is the first time I watch this Me: ohh this is it this is the best😍😍😍😇

  • Where is the FF

  • cool. you have lambos ferraris mcclarens Yaaaaawwwnnnnnnnnnn how original

  • Where is the Ferrari that’s getting TwinTurbo

  • 14:40 I could picture a lb silhouette huracan evo with a twin turbo kit, bags(maybe), some nice rims and a wrap Edit: you forgot the f12 even though it's in Texas being modded

  • All the cars : where is the f12 the hummer and the ff

  • I want the black and white one

  • Now 2.55 million

  • That’s not p1 doors it’s la Ferrari doors

  • Where’s the Ferrari’s bra

  • Whats the updates on the tt FERRARI!!!!!

  • DDE: This is all the supercar (include that MP4 12C) Me: Dude....Integra, F12, OG Gallardo, Dave's G63, Ferrari FF, Dave's old R8, OG Ferrari 458, ....where the hell are they ??

  • I always got annoyed from Damon for calling the corvette a ferrari but I will apologize sir! After Seeing the c8 corvette in person... yeah it definitely looks like a mf supercar Lmaoo I saw the front end at a car toys and I was like wtfff a ferrari I went over to look at it closely and bam it was a corvette 😣😔😂 so indeed i apologize you were right and I was wrong... dude videos & pics do not do justice to how incredible the c8 looks in person! 😍

  • And the g wagon hammer f12

  • literally convinced me real quick to get the rockform case for my 11 pro max. just paused the video and placed the order for 2 day shipping lol.

  • The only good car there is the merci🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • The FF is not there’s it’s the camera car

  • im just going to say this, theres been ups and downs, ive been here since 250k? and this channel has gone down and up and it keeps growing, keep doing what you do, just make sure its fun, interesting, and entertaining, maybe supercharge and twin turbo the huracan? that would be sick, or maybe start the dde tire slayer 4.0? would be even better! tire slayer deserves to say.

  • Beautiful cars wack ass content .... this channel has definitely moved up on the car side and upgrades ,,but the actual content has no match to years ago idk why they can’t do same they was doing b4 with less cars. Now it’s just telling us what car options colors that we all know already we need the real Damon content from back when you had the og tire slayer cause now it’s just like a commercial telling us all the options that other channels are doing time to go back to old style content

  • My favourite lamb, has two be the red one 💯💯💯💥🦾🦾🦾🦾POWER 4 INSANE BUZZZZ

  • The TypeR it was suppose to be a give away

  • Beth of the Beth in the bithness lmao never seen a lisp like that

  • What happened to the hummer

  • the murci is like the karen ~ it has better relationships with the manager

  • What happened to giving the type R away? I was really looking forward to that cuz my 1st car was a GSR 1.8 DOHC VTEC 8000 RPM Redline. Also I really need a car to find a full time job and can't afford one. I've never won anything before but was hoping to get a chance to win this one and think you should do more stuff for the fans who've been with you from the beginning cuz without them you wouldn't be living that dream life we all desire. Thanks and love the channel congrats on all your super cars u get 2 drive every day I've always loved cars and strive to one day just being able to go to a dealer and buy a new car I actually want some day.

  • Streetspeed717 had a McLaren 720s

  • You guys are missing two super cars

  • After the last few vids from multiple channels, seems like the only original content can come from getting off HRdown and having a life again...

  • He is forgetting the f12

  • You should definitely wrap the Squadra to make it match the Murcielago

  • You bought a new motor? I must have missed an episode I thought the whole motor was stripped and re built by those dudes in Cali? the dude with the Porsche?? no?

  • No don’t wrap the gallardo in gay purple-ish pink

  • could've washed them first! haha the only one clean was the dealerships car

  • Forgot the f12

  • All those cars there and Id go straight for the Lancia

  • Since Damon buy his huracan i was already his viewer but not his subscriber but now this video makes me subscribe because of his story and plans with his huracan

  • 8:11 this car never let us down once That vid a few months ago (stalls an automatic mclaren on a gas station)

  • Y’all still have the mp12c ?

  • Planning a road trip out to BC and I need to check out August for sure when we are there!

  • That was a huge promise by Damon of the final version of the huracan and he’s one of the only youtubers to actually follow through on a promise that whips going to be so damn fresh

  • That rear bumper delete is honestly so fire

  • I wish someone loved me as much Damon loves his c8

  • 11:00 .... I screamed

  • I love how we keep up with these cars like their ours.😂

  • Forgot to mention the F12

  • want to give us the craziest huracan? wide body, UGR stage 3 turbos, full custom titanium exhaust, the whole works

  • @ Dave. What about the 620R rather than the LT???

  • DDE’s cars are great. But that Lancia delta in the background though

  • Goobers!!!

  • Has everyone forgotten about the camera car F-12?

  • Where’s the f12?

  • DDE for life ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Love the rides and the content. Checking out a Rocform case for my Note 10. I hope it's everything you guys say it is! haha

  • Where is the hummer’s and the g’s

  • Guys u missed the ff and f12(but u couldn’t have brought the f12 bc it’s getting twin turbo which is reasonable)

  • Was this video made to catch up with stradmans number of subscribers??😂😂😁


  • They got them whips

  • Wheres the integra

  • thestradman have a frarri 458 hes newes frarri ^-^

  • That Lancia Delta IS a Beauty!!

  • No go on wrapping the Squadra, the Murcielago wrap.... its OK, but the best was its last Marlboro inspired one. Now the 580-2 looks the best in its Red!

  • Does anyone else ever think about where the hell the FF is?

  • I think his missing the Ferrari of his

  • What happened to the the other two

  • I mean, I kinda like the Barney and BJ thing you have going on.. Wrap the 720 green for BabyBop😂

  • Where is the supra?

  • What about the 2 Ferrari’s???????

  • Cringy supercar owners.

  • I cried throughout the whole video bcuz the f12 and the mercy are my favorite cars and you didnt mention the f12 throughout hte whole video

  • Really hurt watching them rev all the cars without warming them to operating temp 🥴

  • What about the F12 that's not there

  • i swear dde has more car right or no?

  • Wheres the la ferarri 🤣🏀🏀

  • Seen the tire wrecker droppin nuts at August today. Beastly.

  • Whatever happen to the TypeR???

  • You're welcome! Congratulations on your success! You've created a PHENOMENAL channel!

  • Damon you really bought the MP12-4C? Also, THATS NOT ALL THE CARS!!! What about the F12 AND the FF?

  • But what about the Lancia in the car park?

  • Is that a lancia in back?

  • Am I the only one that cares more about the Lancia in the background

  • I know what color the hummer H1 is I’ve seen it at the shop and it looks good. It’s a color that was on the squadra corse when it was wrapped.

  • Ferrari?!

  • love love the red!!! so clean!

  • 2:28 Dave really do be scooping de de woop

  • Where is the F12 and didnt damon own LaFerrari or was that just scamming us

  • Take the 720 to Gintani. Thank me later.

  • Well, snap.. I just had to subscribe again.

  • the f12 ???

  • Can you just let me have the TYPE R already? Pretty plesae