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August Luxury Motorcars
YOU WON"T BELIEVE WHY THIS COP PULLS ME OVER! *Most Ridiculous Ticket In A Lamborghini*
You WON"T BELIEVE WHY He Pulled Over!
Laguna Police Ticket Lamborghini Passenger WE'RE IN TROUBLE
Lamborghini Pulled Over By Oregon State Police


  • I’m in Australia mate so that dream will never happen but I’ll keep the dream alive It’s healthy to dream

  • I can drive manual, I’ll take the keys 😁

  • Just became a Subscriber , you had me at Hello ! 👌🤣👌

  • 91 fuel! Sucks to suck

  • 123

  • Savages p1 going threw McDonald’s drive threw love y’all no homo

  • Have you guys got some DDE sweat suits yet aye no homo in DDE man Long Underwear

  • amberlynn reid food

  • I’ll take a rid of it

  • I will go for a ride and then you can take a ride in my 2005 Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG supercharged with full bolt on running 110 octane about 800 whp

  • Is the paint color Alaska Diamond Metallic?

  • 0:16 the miror

  • Who’s watching after they sold the p1

  • That use to be Madhiar's first imported P1 supercar by SRAutogroups in Vancouver right?


  • Yo Damen, been a fan for years. Have a question...look at the gas gauge in the P1 & see if there’s an arrow? Every road vehicle has an arrow indicating which side to fill on, but curious what a car with a "roof fill" has...arrow pointing up instead of left or right???

  • I wanna ride but im in AUS

  • I’ll go for a spin in the P1 next time you passing surrey💪🏻 ... and as soon the borders open and I can eventually get to Canada

  • Lol I want a ride

  • So funny YSOB

  • Love this car ufff one of my favorite ❤ 😍

  • Damn, how many years is this guy going to pay for that loan on the body kit?

  • Me

  • I live 5 minutes from McLaren in the UK. Send your car over and I'll look after it 😉

  • chcek out hapyhipi on instagram... he has a full carbon green P1 and Senna.....also has a hes canadian

  • fuck yea i do

  • 110k for insurance

  • You cant tune a hypercar

  • Damon should wide body the p1 just saying

  • I would love to go for a ride in your p1 guy's,,only thing is, I live in England 🤔

  • $300,000

  • Viens au Quebec

  • I dare u to buy a old Porsche 911 and do it up it will be a 😂 laugh

  • Please please please do the carbon body

  • Hey Damon, how much did ICBC charge you for insurance? LOL

  • I’ll buy your mercy when I can

  • P.S. I live right next to the New Mclaren dealership that was just built weeks ago..... The C8 I will own in the next couple years,,, if I win the lotto Mclaren would be the choice.....DDE!!!!!!!!!!

  • You will never see this or probably care but bro ... Take me on a ride in the P1 !

  • Flip ur mclarens lights to make them the Nike symbol

  • Pull up to the gas station, on the wrong side... that's embarrassing. Pull up to the gas station, think it's on the wrong side but in reality don't even know where the gas cap is? Whole other story😂😂

  • Ask Lanzante for the chances of turning this to a P1GTR or P1 GT

  • Nobody: Dave:kaaaarrbbbooonnnn......

  • Mclaren p1 is my favorite car literally ever

  • Please make a p1 gtr

  • They should have asked shmee150 or manny lol

  • Drop limited merch as a fundraiser

  • @dailydrivenexotics Late to the video but I'd like to go for a ride in the P1.

  • does alex know?

  • I would love to get a ride in the McLaren

  • id take a ride in the p1 come to the falls

  • Me but in uk

  • 💯 percent I wanna go for a ride

  • p1 on the streets ludachris grate job playah partna

  • me mem me me me me me mr me me me mr me me me me me me me

  • i would absolutely love to go on a ride with either of you in the p1. in return i will take you for a ride in my 1969 dodge dart, or i will let you drive it.

  • Gtr

  • Id like a ride in the p1

  • Nice carbon hyper-car so expensive I can’t afford it

  • i would do anything to get a ride in that P1, I live in the city of van, that gas station in Richmond is like 10 mins away from me! I've been a long time fan it would really be a dream come true

  • Love the show, full of fascinating insight into being a supercar owner with a very friendly & knowledgeable delivery. You said leave a comment if you wanna go for a ride, well here's my comment.. lol Just have one stipulation; I only wanna go for a ride if you take it up to as close to top speed as possible. -T.J.

  • Man you guys still got grilled chicken sandwiches they got rid of them here in the US

  • Wait, What!? Omg! Just when ii was drooling over the 720 build, you bought a P1 too!!! Wholly . . . .

  • Yes I would love to go for a ride in the P1 😍🔥

  • The murcy sounds so good 😍

  • John john the phenom; i want to go on a ride

  • i would love to see it. Im from south africa. I havent even seen one let alone be in one. I would absolutely love to be in one. Love your videos. Keep them coming please :)

  • Can dave take me in the P1

  • I live 30 mins away from the McLaren factory and see them out testing the cars all the time

  • Hell yeah I want to be in a p1

  • P1 is the sexiest car ever made imo

  • P1bgtr lest go

  • Jacky's P1.

  • I would LOVE to have Damon whip me in the P1 I make music too sooooo montage?

  • Lovveeeee the made up lies of price

  • Wonder if he got that Travis Scott burger

  • I would love to Go for a ride in the p1 with @daymonfryer at the wheel!! what he does with fast cars goes with what my HRdown channel stands for💯👊🏽!!! So I really hope to see the p1 in Toronto Ontario Canada in the before the winter ❄️ if not then next year... I hope🙏🏽

  • domics

  • Lets gooooo

  • 300,000 for carbon fibre upgrade? I think you should have instead invested that money into getting this car up to 10,000 HP and running quarter miles at 3 seconds at over 340 MPH while looking stock and being 100% street legal! That would actually be exciting!!

  • 3:00 - - - 200.000 dollar paint job? how is that even possible? i assume thats the one with diamond dust in it? or WHY? so silly number.

    • @takanara7 yes but anyways... its insane haha..

    • Because if you're rich enough to buy a McLaren hypercar they're going to try to make as much profit as they possibly can by upselling you on options.

  • Well i can't quite belive, you payed more than 2m us for p1. Cause in EU P1 has a same price as 918 and that's around 1.1m 1.2 m US dolars...only Laferrari has price more than 3M €... nice wrong fax. By the way i am realy happy 4 you to buy first hypercar, but like i wrote 2 lines above, only hate it, you lie how much you PREpaid P1....

  • From McDonald’s

  • Get the new Travis Scott burger

  • Stradman vs DDE race Bugatti vs P1

  • Iiiiii would love to go for a ride in the P1

  • You could do the fuel challenge with the P1, and also remember not to run completely out of gas cause it's a hypercar

  • id love to go for a ride in the p1, never even been in a fast car but i absolutely love fast cars. i do play forza horizon to drive in the cars i have a steering wheel for it and stuff

  • its on the roof you peasant HAHA

  • i dont have a drivers license but i know how to drive manual;)

  • Bro u guys should make a widebody tesla

  • 1 tip on how you buy a hypercar is to first find out where the gas cap at

  • I would buy a bicycle before I paid over $7 dollars a gallon! How the hell much does VP C16 race fuel cost you a gallon in Canada???


  • do the p1 gtr build to match the 720s

  • I'd drive from Ottawa for a ride in the P1

  • I live in Chilliwack and I saw you guys driving your Lamborghini merciolago on the highway. I would love to get driven in the p1!

  • I want to go for a ride in the P1, but you never come to the east coast 😤

  • Id drive from Calgary right now, for a ride in the P1. Plus the SS 1le does well in the mountains, so its a win win!


  • I would love to go for a ride in the P1 but I live in the uk