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We want to assure you that we take the health and well-being of our community, audience, and associates very seriously. Like you, we're closely monitoring the quickly developing effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, we will practice social distancing. We regret that we will temporarily not be accepting any physical contact should you see us out in public spaces. It’s ok to wave from a safe CDC approved distance “2 meters” or say hello but please respect we will not be taking pictures, signing autographs or having extended conversations with anyone until further notice.
We will miss this in person interaction with you, but rest assured we will still produce content to ensure that our service remains uninterrupted. We can interact with you on HRdown, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. With that being said, we are happy to inform you that we are enforcing strict health and sanitary policies at DDE. We are regularly and extensively sanitizing and disinfecting all work areas “camera equipment, cars and ourselves” while in the field and regularly washing hands immediately after touching any unsanitary surfaces.
We are all in this together. We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and will follow guidance from public health officials and government agencies, so we can continue to support our DDEFAM and communities as needed.
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Special Thank You to "Richard" DudeOnTrack
YOU WON"T BELIEVE WHY THIS COP PULLS ME OVER! *Most Ridiculous Ticket In A Lamborghini*
You WON"T BELIEVE WHY He Pulled Over!
Laguna Police Ticket Lamborghini Passenger WE'RE IN TROUBLE
Lamborghini Pulled Over By Oregon State Police


  • My moms health is 50/50 dads health lol is crappy. Mine is epic so I know I dont have it cause they aren't sick so were good

  • Been stating all this for months and not one person wants to listen. (Unfortunately)

  • I wish i got the chance to ride in one of these cars its always been a dream just to even be in a drift car. Love the content! Hopefully one day i can see these in person

  • 🤮🤧🤒😷

  • I've watched about 50 videos since january

  • Hey what's up hey what I'm very lucky that I'm an essential employee I work at a school as a custodian have been there for about a year-and-a-half thank God for great benefits thank God just to be working thank you for the great content keep up the hard work much love be safe

  • The Lewis Hamilton helmet style is way better than the Vettel helmet style 😜

  • Where can I do up the BMW, Mercedes ?? Sorry still waiting on my order from USA.

  • We bere in Belgium we are in quarantine al company’s ,shops ,school and government obeyed us to stay ath home ,schools are now in week 5 of closure !

  • 1:00 not free but its universal healthcare we pay taxes which go towards the healthcare system

  • Really appreciate your kind message, Damon. You’re a good guy.

  • Zcan u leave the province

  • You need to grow up ... until someone gets killed because the way you drive those cars will it stop .. you have nothing better to do than put put others at risk.. you need to back to Canada and stay there.. people like are why they change driving laws.. people driving that fast should have there cars taken away and crushed and the drive should be put in jail for a year... How sad how you think its OK for you to think that its OK GROW UP and others as well.. Good stay there don't come back here because of the way you drive...

  • You need to grew up ... until someone gets killed because the way you drive those cars will it stop .. you have nothing better to do than put put others at risk.. you need to back to Canada and stay there.. people like are why they change driving laws.. people driving that fast should have there cars taken away and crushed and the drive should be put in jail for a year... How sad how you think its OK for you to think that its OK GROWN UP and others as well.. Good stay there don't come back here because of the way you drive...

  • You need to grew up ... until someone gets killed because the way you drive those cars will it stop .. you have nothing better to do than put put others at risk.. you need to back to Canada and stay there.. people like are why they change driving laws.. people driving that fast should have there cars taken away and crushed and the drive should be put in jail for a year... How sad how you think its OK for you to think that its OK GROWN UP and others as well.. Good stay there don't come back here because of the way you drive...

  • We have 50%of bull shit from our government, so we have great deals here too ! Wish you health and get off your ass and help out because staying home, if for the sick people !! We need to work and respect others sitting at home isn't the answer? And wait for what ? A check from the government!!

  • it's not free healthcare, it's taxpayer funded Healthcare

  • I know there’s gotta be some huge plans in the works for after this quarantine. I’m excited to see what’s to come. Huge thumbs up fellas

  • As many tickets as you've gotten in California I can't believe they let you in the country anyway

  • You guys are awesome.. please stay to all cya


  • Since y’all are back in Canada would you consider travelling a few hours to Cranbrook BC?

  • Smart decision as much as you guys travel you could have spread the virus to all kinds of people

  • Hahaha

  • I s that the only reason! Being a greasy punk the other reason

  • I love super cars❤️👌 But dont have many to buy ehehehe😂👌😂👌😂👌 Kimpoy DaLeee👌👌👌

  • Folks really need to watch my latest mirrored video. We're all being played.

  • FIX YOUR LICENS YOU CAN COME BACK LOL Or you can ask ME-GAIN aka maggott markle shell let you fly with her for some fame and do anything for money..

  • Good get out of our country making money on merch on our soil

  • Free healthcare? I thought our mediocre healthcare was the reason I paid so much extra taxes over Americans. Although if the healthcare was free that would make sense, because you get what you pay for as the idiom goes.

  • Come on bro! You are destroying cars and wasting resources - you could start by donating the items you destroy for people to sell and get money instead of selling merch ... right now us, your viewers may not be able to donate as you are asking ❌ REJECTED DUE TO A LOT OF TIKES DUD!

  • I hope you all stay safe during these times. It is a hard time we are facing now, but it will pass. I like your videos!

  • Idk why but that amg sounds like my lawnmover with a turbo

  • Sorry need to work

  • Who Said Asian People couldn’t Drive😂

  • I hope you guys get Covid Literally hate that I gave you a view to tell you that though.

    • same here, it really did take two jackasses to destroy the car community

  • Nice! They Canadians, got to show some love here 🔥

  • The Tom Ford glasses thoooo🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Glad you guys are back, now if only the provinces in Canada that require the front licence plate would stop that..... lol (I'm looking at you Ontario!!)

  • In China we don’t choose who live or die, we try to save all, try to learn the fact plz

  • who raced motorcycles damon or ?all those race suits

  • Love the sound of that Huracan!

  • Gas is around 70.0 for regular in Alberta. Last time I remember gas that cheap was around 2008.

  • Damon and Dave yall really did give into the fake news

  • I live in spain and we are on lock down for 2 months. N in Madrid they have to choose who lives and who dies its so sad i feel sorry for them hope we get over this..

  • I think canada is better then US.

  • Lucky your still allowed outside at all, were on full lockdown here in UK. Still get to enjoy you guys and your awesome cars 👍 DDE lockdown marathon!

  • Don't really like the American flag crosssd out like that in the thumbnail

  • Canadian Road trip all the way to Cape Breton then maybe NFLD haha looking forward to the canadian videos!

  • Everyone is blowing this coronavirus thing out of proportion

  • I like Canadian content better anyway , Beautiful British Columbia., practice social distancing .

  • very well said! People arnt taking it seriously enough

  • Were f÷×%ed im going to lose my houseand possibly my car because of this crap im laid off from myjob as of today until the 7th and unemployment office isnt doing what we need to get income we need to survive and were f÷=%×ed litterally the government is not doing what we need to survive if we dont get sick so evenif we dont get covid19 the majority of us are going to lose everything anyways and its bs.

  • I live in the United states and my school is closed so I've been binge watching your videos

  • finnaly

  • You guys should let me come rip I live in maple ridge


  • Good video. Appreciate the information. I’m in the Okanagan if there’s anything my shop can assist with

  • See you guys around the island (from a 2m+ distance)

  • Love from India❤️🇮🇳

  • this is crazy. the stores here are now doing it every were. its pretty crazy, here I was like when will the next DDE vid come out. 2 seconds later, effective immediately lock down.

  • Funny how u said free ...

  • I just wanna be the first to say that I’ve been watching your videos since you had 11k subs and the growth of the channel had been unreal and I wanted to thank you absolute beauties for creating such amazing content and for providing people like me motivation to get out and be successful so we can do the things you guys do. You truly are amazing people and I thank you on behalf of the entire DDE fam for what you do every day.

  • Yea that sucks u cant come

  • Damon at daily driven exotics, you are an AssHat. I have enjoyed your videos but no longer, your use of the word Free to 1 denigrate the medical system in the USA and 2, to promote the idea that the Canadian medical system is 1, free and 2 better is dangerous and simplistic. The Canadian medical system is not FREE. The Canadian medical system exists because the Canadian people voted for it and pay outrageous taxes to support it and pay for it. The Medical System is not FREE. You have clearly lied about this what else must you be lying about. Also running around making videos is not patriotism either Canadian patriotism or American, while it does give the shut ins something to watch it is mostly a self indulgent exercise in Narcissism. Why not use your customized G wagons and sports cars to drive masks and medical equipment across Canada. As NY, suffers Toronto cannot be far behind. Toronto is pinned to Buffalo, NY, and the entirety of the East Coast. While you all are out west why not drive medical supplies and CV19 Tests across the west of Canada?? You must be able to get quickly from the west to Montreal, why not try and help??? Or are you truly a douche.

  • im glad you didnt call covid-19 other names. In fact, Chinese goverment tried to save as many as possible, we had some hard times at the begining of the breakout, but we took it srsly, even some people over 90 years old got saved, things already got much better in China. And china is trying very hard to help other countrys. hope this will get better soon, stay safe, DDE fam

  • hey , god bless you two. stay safe and keep your family close. may god see yall through this as with the rest of the world. your advice about neighbors and freinds is truely the work of angels and samaritains. i will step up to that challenge. hey we may never meet but you two are like bros. i send my prayers and love. keep safe and enjoy every moment god gives you all. peace my freinds

  • You left out the part of your already dead in Canada by the time your awful healthcare system gets to you

  • Be safe and enjoy your journey

  • Tell em you're going to die by cars anyway...

  • I only drive a 992 4S, but come to Alaska so I can be part of your group for a second. We don’t have anything cool happening up here 😭

  • free health care /no such thing you will pay

  • Thank you💕

  • The Canada Vlogs are better anyway..

  • it’s not that serious lol. seeeend it

  • Do not care about you guy it better off you stay in your country and do what is the best.

  • ''DDE'' KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK BOYS !!!!!!! love the kindness that comes from you guys with all the care about the covid 19.... keep the vidz rolling boys .....signing out from sydney australia .....

  • We are all out driving in the smoky mountains and loving it since everyone is staying inn

  • It’s not free you pay it in taxes

  • and they should for now

  • well spoking!

  • Stay Safe Guys!!!!

  • Stay banned.🚫🇨🇦❌

  • You guys should definitely come over to Ontario

  • I actually have watched every single video! All of them!!! TEST ME!

  • I watch every vlog you ever made can I get a like

  • I stay updated on dde and wait each week for another dde and I've seen all 950 +

  • Chloroquin Phosphate is the cure... so no more need for panic.

  • Cocaine addict

  • You Both Have Children ,Are You Totally Brian Dead If So You Really Should Stay Confined At Home As Poeple With Underlying Heath Issues As 1.5 Million such People Are Being Asked too Self Isolet for A Minimum Of 12 Weeks here in the United Kingdom, I happen to be one of those People, I have no Family to Help no one at All for support & Those Like Yourself With Some Funding Have Strip the Store Of Every thing I need and have little Of……… I for Sure Will Not Be Watch You Pair Harping on About Cars As Hundereds of Thousands Of Inoscent Souls are losing there Lives due to Just Being Vunerable. GO HOME A TAKE CARE OF YOU FAMILIES. Save Your Money For Food As Your Stores will be STripped By Guys In Fast Cars Who Want Every Toleit Roll They Can Find As They Talk Such *hit . when the World Lagest Pandemic Kills the Human Race .

  • just a pity china didn't shut there borders before they let it spread around the world

  • Hey guys. Hope we all get through these tough times. Good to see you're putting family first and giving a great explanation as to why you went back to Canada. Not like some B.S that's being spread by some mental midget in LV. Stay safe guys.

  • Victoria Island is beautiful. Tea at the Empress would make a great super cars and tea. Hwy 1 to Moose jaw would be cool. Good for you guys for doing the right thing!! Everyone if you can hit like subscribe and if you can hit an add for these guys to help them keep going, would be a big thing. Small businesses are going to have it tough but they are our best bet after this is all over

  • Hey Damon and Dave. If you guys are looking for charities I would say try to find one that supports kids who don’t have access to internet and are having trouble with online classes. As a 15 year old I personally know other teens who can’t afford these essentials for online

  • Hallelujah for keeping you off the streets of Los Angeles my Neighborhood Westside acting driving like hoodlum and eat your heart you & you Starbuck BUDDY are freaking staying out of USA and Los Angeles for another six months IN THE MEAN TIME SUCK AIR thugs !

  • "free" aka subsidized by the US and taxes you pay to your government, not even getting into wait times on specialized care

  • Stay safe DDE family

  • So y'all moveing from the USA no plzzzz don't im not to sure about this

  • I know it sucks when u travel alot

  • Insurance? Weak