Aaron Kaufman Builds 1500 HP FERRARI TWIN TURBO F12 for DDE: Episode 2

Datum objavljivanja: 17. Srp 2020.
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  • Such a beautiful build!

  • dont decompress it, just use e85

  • 13 to 1 compression. Lol

  • The insurer will not be happy when they see this video. kkkk

  • Absolute genius. When the term master mechanic is used you're talking about someone on a different level. AK is that man he can visualize headers in his head. What. Stop it.

  • sooooooooo much fkn talking , dude, show us the car getting done. aagghh

  • I just love to see The Bearded wonder doing his thing. Making cars go reeeeaaalllyy fast!! Absolutely insane build. Just loving it.

  • Run methanol of possible. I know its complicated and who knows if a ferrari v12 has EVER seen methanol but it would save SO much time and space by being able to run no intercooler at all and straight from the turbos into the plenum. only problem is with a stock cooling system you might never be able to get up to temperature

  • This Aaron gentleman is very handsome.

  • when its the next episode !!!!

  • Wheres episode 3 😨😨

  • Suggestion for hat on backwards... wear a bandana under a fitted hat...

  • Please make a proper playlist for this series 🙏🙏🙏

  • Nice build, but the final is never filmed. What a shame

  • So you ever gonna put out the next part of this?

  • Wheres episode 3 it's been 2 months?

  • So did he finish

  • whens episode 3?

  • Guess this thing is on pause no video in 2 months unless I’m missing it

  • Where episode 3 at !!!!!!!!!

  • 2 months... No part 3?!

  • Damn no updates on this project?

  • Whens the next episode of this expected? New to the channel so dont really know the crack with what and when you upload🤙🏼

  • Is there a newer episode?

  • Yes I saw the gentleman in Gas monkey!

  • Is there a part 3? Is it finished yet?

  • We need Episode 3 now ! Been waiting for what feels like forever.

  • Its been months...... tuning it may be an issue?

  • Haven't seen any more episodes so I take it you lost

  • i wanna see this thing drive

  • It is Aaron has his own Film crew

  • Where is our update?!?!?

  • Sooo what happened to this build??

  • “I’m gonna punch through the housing for the exhaust turbine”...have fun with that 😬

  • Episode 3 coming soon?

  • Aaron kinda comes off as a snob TBH

  • Wow love it

  • DDE is a TV series!! Its only better i gotta get my daily fix of DDE!!! Im a fan jus sayin...showing Love...Comment like Subscribe...Yeah thats me i be doin all that...

  • What's been happening with this car is there anything new on it

  • How far along is the F12 build now?

  • Wonder if it is going to take 2 years to build like it did for black stone labs with there black f12

  • How much longer on this build? Can’t wait Damon!

  • What's happening with this haven't heard anything in a while

  • Still waiting for an update!!!

  • No more videos on this car for the past month is this turbo f12 going to be finished???

  • Where is Episode 3?

  • need more!!!!!

  • When is the next vid coming?

  • Epic episodes.. need them coming a lil faster though. But great episode format.

  • 10:05 totally geeked out

  • updates ?? nothing in over a month :s

  • We need the next episode you guys are taking too long to post them please post the new video

  • Where's the finished product

  • When is the next video coming ?

  • I'm a shade tree mechanic and watching Aaron work talk about what's going on is like buying a penthouse nudy mag visually pleasing with a good "read" lol

  • This is my Dream job i would love to go to work everyday!!!!!!!!

  • Episode 3

  • Aaron Kaufman is a genius

  • When is the next episode?

  • throwing turbochargers on this glorious naturally aspirated V12 is beyond sinful. this isn’t your daddy’s LS. treat it with a little more respect before ruining it’s whole character.

    • It’s a intresting Intake what’s sinful is owning this types of cars and leaving them in garage for their entire life driven once a year

  • Love Aaron's knowledge, but damn he talks so much. I just zone out when he gets to rambling.

  • Because aaron work in a tv series and he is one of the best working on cars.

  • actually hennessy tuned a f12 and it made 800hp they got a youtube video of it

  • I need part 3 😅😅

  • Any updates?

  • Come rovinare una Ferrari

  • This application is more suitable for supercharging if the are running a high comp motor with low boost, would of been finished long time ago

  • When will it be done ???

  • Acho q só eu mesmo q fico assistindo um vídeo sem intender nada oq estão falando apenas pelo amor por carros. Quando falo nada e nada mesmo...

  • 💪👍💥

  • Should’ve been kept NA

  • Daang Aaron, haven't seen you in a while... getting old bro!

  • This dude is badass

  • Damn,Aaron is just brilliant, and I love how the word "can't",isn't in his vocabulary!!😁

    • Very cool build in terms of the map sensors you could put them post turbo on the charge pipes

  • sorry was i just watching a Netflix episode? some next level production and Aaron just makes listening and watching so easy.. detailed and honest explanation on the build and involving all us DDE fans in the journey..you need more (episodes) like this for sure!! Nice!


  • Bore off !

  • Youmustmean 9,000 rpm... Not hrsprs

  • Marc is a genius in editing and filming 🔥🔥👌

  • Can you tell me what the grey car behind is, two door on the hoist....please looks super sick!!

    • When is the next episode?

  • That guy with the beard talks way too much four what this video is about,,, he's not teaching us anything outs all "conjecture" truth is he doesn't know,,,

    • When is the next episode?

  • My name is Aaron kauffman...im friend of Richard Rawghllins....who care?????😂😂😂😂😂👋👋👋👋👋🐿

    • This series is sooo good, more of it pls. Its like a netflix docu.

  • Marc is a genius in editing and filming 🔥🔥👌

  • This man is a genius the very last episode of garage monkey I watched was the one where he quit he should have gotten his own show.

    • It’s the Discovery channel.

  • Just picturing all of this... and a widebody kit later.... the craziest, most badass F12.. more crazy than the Novitec kit or builds.

    • As it wasn’t hard enough to keep the parts intact on a Ferrari. Let’s add a ton of boost and really make it grenade.

  • Why so much talking n no working

    • Trying to get a tv show by fucking a great car name .....

  • Crazy, this is like the second F12 twin turbo to be built this year. Who will jump on the bandwagon next?

    • qopoy dnon they keep trying to sell the fact that they will be the first to do it when its already been done. Pj braun already has his f12 twin turbo’d, tuned, and on the street.

    • i skipped through about 12 to 15 times and never saw any fab work, whole video talking about doing it, and 8 mr beast honey ads, shit

  • Dude got the skills, no doubt in that

    • Unless he builds forged custom pistons he should not tamper with the unknown. tries to be all sciency Yet disregards the engine prep .....

  • Very cool build in terms of the map sensors you could put them post turbo on the charge pipes

  • Plot Twist: There already is a Twin Turbo F12... Plot Twist: You won't make anywhere near 1500whp without blowing the engine

    • bla bla bla bla bla bla...

  • 221,000,000 HP Ferrari turbo kit. -much things let go long before that occurs. Click bait is correct

  • Aarons knowledge and passion towards engines are second to none. It’s truly unbelievable.

  • I'm glad to see Aaron doing his own thing, he was the only good thing about Gas Monkey Garage

    • Must have used his production team 😆 looks good!!

  • You could get into the engine better if you trimmed the beard.

  • This series is sooo good, more of it pls. Its like a netflix docu.

  • When is the next episode?

  • I could listen to AK talk about anything all day long.

    • That’s a expensive engine to blow up without ring gap

  • Gas monkey garage 2.0 DDE STYLE

  • It’s the Discovery channel.

    • Its like the Leonardo DaVinci of the cars

  • As it wasn’t hard enough to keep the parts intact on a Ferrari. Let’s add a ton of boost and really make it grenade.

    • I feel like I’m watching an old episode of fast n loud